Question: Do you know Aaron Ashmore?
Answer: The short answer would be no. And so would the long answer, actually.
This is just a fan run website. We're in no way official, nor do we have any kind of affiliation with Aaron or his management.

Question: Will you marry me?
Answer: Well this is all so sudden, we barely know each other after all. :[
Oh... I see how it is. You meant that for Aaron. Not for me. I see how it is. :'(
But seriously in case it isn't clear, we aren't Aaron. So any messages you send to us for him don't get forwarded on or anything. Sorry.

Question: How can I contact Aaron?
Answer: Your best bet is writing snail mail.

Aaron Ashmore
c/o K.G. Talent
55A Sumach St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 3J6

Question: What happens in the next episode of Smallville?
Answer: Sorry folks but for the most part this is a spoiler free zone. On occasion we post episode descriptions, and do mention when Aaron will have an episode airing.. but if spoilers are what you're looking for I suggest checking out Kryptonsite

Question: You say you take fan submitted material so why was mine rejected?
Answer: We do accept almost all fan submitted content. This is after all, a fan site and we ourselves are big fans of Aaron -- hence the site. However, if any content is rejected you will receive a personal e-mail explaining why. Gossip and hearsay in general are not condoned or part of this site in any way. Also, we check pretty much everything that we post with very reliable sources.

Question: Where do babies come from?
Answer: Your mom.

No... seriously. Your mom.

Question:Why don't you have any information about [insert Shawn's latest project here]? Don't you like him?
Answer: Yes, we are also fans of Shawn's as well. But, the fact of the matter is, this site is for Aaron. We do follow Shawn's projects and what have you, and he will occasionally be featured in some articles/photos/etc. on here as well but I suggest for all your information needs you check out Shawn-Ashmore.com.

Question: Does Aaron have a girlfriend?
Answer: This goes back to something that I said in a previous answer, really, but I'll explain it a bit more here. While we are very happy to be an informative site and the biggest Aaron Ashmore resource on the internet, we also do like to draw a line and respect people's personal lives. So basically, if it isn't mentioned in an interview or an article, then really it isn't any of our business. Sorry.

Question: Can I use some of your pictures?
Answer: Before using any of the pictures from the gallery at Aaron-Ashmore.com we ask that you do e-mail us first, and we'll talk from there. The gallery represents hours upon hours of hard work... screencapping from a single episode of "Smallville" or "Veronica Mars" and then uploading takes a few hours (films, obviously take longer... we're not even going to go into how long it took do get the caps ready for My Brother's Keeper). In addition, there are also some HQ pictures that aren't exactly easy to come by. We put up this pictures without watermarks based on good faith in the people that come to the site. So please, ask before taking.

Also, hotlinking images not only steals our bandwith but it makes baby Jesus cry. You don't want to make baby Jesus cry, do you? So don't hotlink.

Question: Why isn't such and such picture that I found online on your gallery?
Answer: If an image isn't featured in our gallery there is a good reason for it. A lot of private pictures seem to have made their way along the internet, some of which have been passed around via message boards that aren't ours. Again, as stated previous in the FAQ, we respect privacy at Aaron-Ashmore.com and if the pictures aren't something that were publically released then you're not going to find them in our gallery. Sorry.

Question: What's with all the spam in comments on the gallery? It's annoying.
Answer: It's incredibly annoying, I agree. However, we are having some major bugs in the gallery right now that are making it difficult for me to even review the comments in question. Short of deleting the whole thing and reuploading every single file in there, I'm not sure what to do at the moment. If you have experience with Coppermine, please contact me at webmaster@Aaron-Ashmore.com.

Question: Why haven't you accepted my membership to the forum?
Answer: This falls back to the previous question and sadly the answer is the same. It's a bit buggy and spam ridden at the moment and I'm working on it. The forum might end up getting a complete relaunch. At this point I'm unsure, but it will be posted on the main page if and when something happens.