Let's Hear It For The Boys

      You've got male! Here--in no particular order --are some of the loveable lotharios, chivalrous mensches and intel-lectual linebackers that make the city spin and shrill.
      Last Saturday, we published my list of ladies in our third quasi-annual, totally unscientific edition of the Worthy 30 (you can find that list at PostedToronto.com). Fun! Today, we bring you the gents.
      The list is based on my social gallops around town and recommendations from friends and frenemies alike. To be eligible, one needed a modicum of attractiveness, some discernment, accomplishment and that unpindownable thing we call It. Some of these fellas are more famous than others. Others are more available than some (to qualify, they couldn't be married, engaged or shacked up!). So, time now to enjoy this Hummer-size variety of manly marvels.


      SHAWN ASHMORE AND AARON ASHMORE Age Both are 27. Sign Both are Libra. Gig Both are actors.
      Why they're worthy If you're wondering why the Ashmore hunks are the same age, share the same astrological sign and are both successful actors, it's because they're identical twins, duh! Shawn veers toward the big screen, with his recurring role in X-Men, while Aaron seems to prefer television, star-ring in the Superman series Smallville.
      Fun fact Both brothers have the letters G-M-A tattooed on their wrists. It appar-ently stands for Good Man Ashmore.
      Quotable "They're not the Doublemint twins, they don't speak in unison!"

Shinan Govani, with Joshua Errett and Brianna Goldberg / National Post