'Smallville' May Continue Beyond Season 7

      As if the initial formation of the Justice League wasn’t enough to get Smallville fans excited recently, news that the series will most likely be back for a seventh year has the entire fandom in a buzz. And at the heart of it, its creator Al Gough's announcement that Season 7 may not be the last.

      Answering fan questions for TV Guide Online, Gough confirmed that the entire Smallville writing force is not only committed to the current season, but is already looking to the future.

      "We're definitely thinking of Season 7," Gough said. "Lots of interesting ideas are shaping up for what's sure to be another great season. None of us are ruling out more seasons to come, so no, it's not officially the last season."

      Gough also elaborated on the future of one popular character on the show who initially started in a recurring role, but has since become a series regular: Lois Lane (Erica Durance). This season, Durance signed on for at least half the season for a story arc involving DC Hero The Green Arrow (Justin Hartley).

      "We love Erica, too; don't worry," Gough said. "We've got a big arc planned for her next season that even tops the Oliver Queen story."

      It seems like the further into the Superman mythology the series gets, the more popular it becomes. This season saw the addition of Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore), a character who has previously been mentioned in the passing.

      "The addition of Aaron Ashmore to the cast has been one of our favorite parts of this season," he said. "He's been a terrific embodiment of the character, and we happen to agree with you about Jimmy's potential. Keep watching, and we have a feeling you may just see more of him in the future."

      Jimmy was added to the series as a way of giving Chloe (played by Allison Mack) some light-hearted stories and a shot at romance. And although the recent Valentine-themed episode indicates otherwise, there will not be a Clark-Chloe romance, and Jimmy is still going to be a part of Chloe's development and she might also get a chance to leave the Daily Planet basement.

      "Chloe has a lot of interesting challenges to face in the coming episodes," Gough said. "This is a watershed time for her, and she'll be faced with some life-changing decisions. Of course, all of Chloe's mobility will be upward; she's not one to move sideways. And how could you even think that Chloe would ever give up on journalism?"

      And as for Lana Lang (Kristen Kreuk), her life is going to get a little darker before it gets any better.

      "There are a few lighter moments to look forward to," he said. "But this season's story line puts Lana in a very difficult place - not one with much room for comedy. On the other hand, we think you'll see a new depth to Lana and some stellar performances by Kristin coming up this year."

      Something you'll never see on Smallville is a superhero romance for leading man Clark Kent (Tom Welling). At the beginning of the sixth season, there was speculation that we might be in-store for exactly that with the introduction of trapped Kryptonian Raya (Pascale Hutton). Gough however stresses that is simply not the case.

      "As enticing as it would be to have Clark embark on a relationship with a Kryptonian counterpart, it would have been an impediment to his destiny," Gough said. "Part of what propels Clark to his fate as Superman relies on the fact that ultimately he has to face his challenges alone."

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