Smallville: Your Burning Questions Answered!

Three weeks ago, asked you, the Smallville fans, what questions you would like to ask series cocreator Al Gough. The response was, yep, super. So stupendous, in fact, that Gough has agreed to field some of the best queries each Thursday during February sweeps. So, with an eye on tonight's new episode (8 pm/ET, on the CW), here is his current take on the fates of the series at large, Lois and - of course - the currently fractured Clark and Lana romance.

Why won't you guys make Clark and Chloe an official romantic couple? What's holding you back? I guess I'm just frustrated from years of hoping and wishing and longing. Clear227
Clark and Chloe are always going to be the closest of friends. Romance might spoil that. Not to mention Jimmy - she's really stolen his heart. How could we do that to him?

Will Jimmy ever return? He has potential outside of being an obstacle for Clark-Chloe. Plus, we know Jimmy has to be there when Clark and Chloe are working at the "Daily Planet" as reporters. Bluediamond
The addition of Aaron Ashmore to the cast has been one of our favorite parts of this season. He's been a terrific embodiment of the character, and we happen to agree with you about Jimmy's potential. Keep watching, and we have a feeling you may just see more of him in the future.