Who's That? Aaron Ashmore Smallville's Latest Story

      Age 27
      Plays Smallville's Jimmy Olsen, the Daily Planet's photographer and Chloe's boyfriend.
      Where you've seen him No, not as Iceman in "X-Men" -- that was his twin brother, Shawn. Aaron's best known for his stint as Veronica Mars' ex-boy toy Troy.
      Brotherly advice "Shawn told me to pretend that the special effects on Smallville were real and make it fun," Aaron says. And Shawn should know. He played Clark Kent's foe Eric Summers on the show.
      Can't make it through the day without Coffee. "I'm a caffeine junkie, which helps for playing Jimmy. He has that nervous-energy thing going on."
      Person (living or dead) he'd like to meet The band Drive-By Truckers. "They're a Southern rock-and-country band that a friend of mine introduced me to. I've been listening to them a lot lately and they have great lyrics. I'd love to have my own private concert and pick their brains."
      Favorite childhood TV show Mr. Dressup. "If you talk to anybody who grew up in Canada, that's what they watched. He had puppets who lived in a tree house. He was like the Canadian Mr. Rogers."

Jennifer L. Smith / TV Guide