Twins Fly Solo on CW Shows

      The roles landed by Tia Mowry and Brittany Daniel on the new CW network series "The Game" or by Aaron Ashmore on "Smallville" could have been played by three other actors. And it's possible the cast photos would look exactly the same.

      That's because Mowry, Daniels and Ashmore are twins. And their siblings are actors, too.

      Tia and Tamera Mowry first starred together on the comedy series "Sister, Sister." The Daniel twins -- Brittany and Cynthia -- first acted together on the syndicated series "Sweet Valley High." Ashmore's twin, Shawn Ashmore, has played Iceman in the three "X-Men" movies.

      Despite having dead ringers in the wings who could have landed the roles, the CW stars say that there has been little chance of that happening. Just because the twins look alike doesn't mean they audition for the same roles.

      The Mowry twins spend a lot of time emphasizing to others that they have distinct personalities. So far, casting directors have been able to see the differences.

      They have a method to their auditioning.

      "We feel that if one of us is more like the character, she would go out for the role like 'Strong Medicine,' " Tia Mowry tells television critics in mid-July about her sister Tamera. "She auditioned for that, and I didn't. And she ended up getting it." Tia Mowry's "The Game" debuted Oct. 1.

      No matter which Mowry gets cast, they share the same outlook.

      "We're very, very supportive of one another. We always say, 'If one of the Mowrys got it, then we all got the role.' " Mowry says.

      The Daniel twins have a similar outlook.

      "My twin sister is not acting anymore," Brittany Daniels says. "But when we were both acting, we were very supportive of each other. My mom would be like, 'well, if your sister doesn't get it, then -- if anybody's going to get it, wouldn't you want your sister to get it?' "

      The blond actress, who tends to star in such outrageous comedies as "Club Dread" and "Little Man," can't even comprehend how twins could audition for the same job.

      "I''m really glad my sister doesn't act anymore. There's already enough competition, and then it's like, that girl looks just like me and she's going right after me," Daniel says.

      Daniel was happy to be cast on "The Game" with Mowry. That way they can talk about the "secret society of twins."

      Aaron Ashmore's Jimmy Olsen was introduced in the "Smallville" season opener Sept. 28.

      "We started acting about the same time," Ashmore says of his brother. "But Shawn was much more serious about it before me. I was kind of doing it for fun. It took me longer to decide this was the career I want."

      The identical twin brothers rarely have auditioned for the same roles. So far they have found that Aaron tends to get cast in the roles of bad guys while Shawn lands the heroic roles.

      Aaron Ashmore's theory is that in the case of twins, one usually is more aggressive than the other. That's him. That aggression makes him better suited for the roles with a darker edge.

      Along with working on the "X-Men" trilogy, Shawn Ashmore also guest- starred on "Smallville" in 2004 playing a character named Eric Summers. Having appeared in numerous superhero and fantasy productions, Shawn offered his brother some advice.

      "He just said have fun with it," Aaron Ashmore says.

      As for the theoretical possibility his brother could take over the role of Jimmy Olsen, Ashmore just laughs and says that it wouldn't work. The brothers have such different personalities that everyone would notice the difference, he says.

Rick Bentley / The Fresno Bee