New Faces 1: Our New Pal!

      One of the most exciting additions to Smallville in its sixth season is the introduction of Aaron Ashmore in the role of photographer and future pal to Superman, Jimmy Olsen. For those of you who have not yet seen the season six premiere, yes, he is indeed the same Jimmy that Chloe made reference to in the third season episode Unsafe - and now you can expect to see him in several episodes of the new season.

      If the name Ashmore sounds a bit familiar, and he looks like someone you've seen before, there's nothing wrong with your eyes - 27-year-old Aaron's twin brother Shawn appeared in Smallville's first season as power-stealing Eric Summers in the episode Leech.

      The casting took a coincidental turn as Shawn Ashmore was once heavily rumored to be playing Jimmy Olsen in this year's big-budget film Superman Returns. However, because Shawn was tied to the X-Men series of films, he had to pass on the role, which instead went to Sam Huntington. As it turns out, Sam Huntington and Aaron Ashmore are friends, having both appeared together in a first season episode of Veronica Mars! As Aaron tells Smallville Magazine's Craig Byrne: "I haven't talked to him because I've just been all over the place, but I'm looking forward to sitting down with him and telling him, 'Big screen, small screen. Who knew?'"

      About Aaron's early days on Smallville, he said that the set was a "well-oiled machine," and everyone was ready to start work on the show's sixth season. "Even with a three-month break, they just jump right back in," he said.

      Look for Aaron to start appearing on Smallville beginning with the season's first and third episodes, and check out our full interview with Aaron starting on page 18!

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