Finding Jimmy

      Smallville executive producers Miles Millar and Al Gough discuss bringing Jimmy Olsen into the Smallville universe, and how Aaorn Ashmore landed the role. . .

      MILES: We'd worked with Aaron's brother [Shawn Ashmore from Leech and Asylum] and had a very good experience. Then, when we were thinking about Jimmy Olsen, [Aaron] just seemed like the natural choice. We'd seen him on Veronica Mars and really liked him. He had a really good energy and vibe and just sort of fit exactly what we imagined Jimmy to be. So we cast him right away, and it's worked out great.

      AL: Aaron brings a certain boy-next-door quality to Jimmy. Interestingly, of all the characters other than Clark and Lex, Aaron actually looks like his comic book persona.

Ian Spelling / Smallville