Aaron Ashmore Shifts Gears to Play Superman's Best Friend Jimmy Olsen on Smallville

      Aaron Ashmore is known to fans of VERONICA MARS as Troy Vandegraff, but now he'll be joining the new CW network not on MARS, but instead on SMALLVILLE as Jimmy Olsen. Ironically enough Ashmore's twin brother Shawn is best know as Iceman in the X-MEN movies, so now both brothers have a foot in a superhero universe. In an exclusive interview with iF, we chatted with Ashmore about joining SMALLVILLE, being Superman's best friend, and a different version of X-MEN THE LAST STAND on DVD.

      iF MAGAZINE: How was it coming back to VERONICA MARS this last season?
      AARON ASHMORE: It was kinda nice coming back and being the good guy and not the bad guy for once.

      iF: Did you know you were going to be on SMALLVILLE?
      ASHMORE: No. I was in Toronto and I had sent a tape to L.A. I got a call a couple of weeks later and got a call to come to Vancouver and play, they said, "you're going to be Jimmy Olsen."

      iF: Neither you nor your brother can stay away from Superheroes can you?
      ASHMORE: No. No. I don't know what it is, but I like it though.

      iF: What did you think of the Jimmy Olsen in SUPERMAN RETURNS?
      ASHMORE: He's actually a buddy of mine, Sam [Huntington]. Yeah I saw it.

      iF: The biggest exception is that there wonít be as much of an age difference between Jimmy and Clark as is normally represented?
      ASHMORE: I don't know if it'll build up to be more of a friendship. With this age difference, we're pretty much peers. Obviously you have to do your own thing, but at the same time we're trying to stick to the mythology and all of the stuff that is there already.

      iF: So your character will be joining the series as a photographer then?
      ASHMORE: Jimmy is an intern right now, and he's basically scanning all of the photos for the computer archive. He's not too happy with that. He's working on his photography, and it's not at the level that it will be, but he's still learning.

      iF: How much interaction do you have with Lois this season?
      ASHMORE: I think Jimmy is going to be a bit of an annoyance to Lois this season. You have to rub some people the wrong way.

      iF: Were you a fan of SMALLVILLE before you came on the show?
      ASHMORE: Yeah. My roommate TIVO's it, so it's there whenever I want to watch it. I had just seen the season finale, so I knew exactly what had happened previously as to what was happening now.

      iF: You filmed one episode so far right?
      ASHMORE: Yes. I'm doing multiple episodes, and I'm not sure how many or when, but soon hopefully. [Laughs]

      iF: Who haven't you met yet?
      ASHMORE: I haven't met Michael [Rosenbaum], or Kristen [Kruek], or Erica [Durance]. But, I had a scene with Allison [Mack] and with Tom [Welling]. I guess there are more people that I haven't met rather than ones that I have as far as actors go.

      iF: How are you getting along with Tom?
      ASHMORE: He's a super nice guy. He's big. I thought when I saw him, now there's a big guy. He has a great sense of humor and loves to make practical jokes; so I think working with him will be a lot of fun.

      iF: Where would you like Jimmy to go?
      ASHMORE: I think it's going to be interesting that there is going to be a love interest between him and Chloe. I haven't really seen that before, and I'm really excited about that. Jimmy getting to know Clark will be really interesting too. How did that friendship come about? Those are the two things that I think can be really cool about the character. If he got some superpowers for an episode, I would be all about that. I don't need to go total dark side, but I've got to have some fun.

      iF: How much of an arc did they tell you Jimmy was going to have?
      ASHMORE: They didn't tell me too much, which means I'm going to have to discover it as I go which is kinda fun. Itís exciting to take it as it comes.

      iF: Did you see any different cut of X-MEN THE LAST STAND from what the public saw?
      ASHMORE: No. But, I know that they did multiple versions of some scenes. When Shawn first saw the movie he wasn't sure what route they were going to take. He said there were a bunch of different takes to scenes.

Sean Elliott / iFMagazine.com