Aaron Ashmore: Daily Planet Addition

      After a long stint as Troy on 'Veronica Mars', cute blond Aaron Ashmore has been tapped as a regular cast member playing Jimmy Olsen to Tom Welling's Clark Kent in 'Smallville'. He's set to hook up with Chloe, Allison Mack's character. This early version of Jimmy isn't a top photo-journalist but a young go-fer scanning pix for The Daily Planet. Twin bro of X-Men's Shawn Ashmore, Aaron is a teeny bit taller and a tad broader so it wasnt hard to spot him on the lawn at the CW network's garden party the other day. Let's get the scoop.

      TeenTelevision: Hi Aaron. You have a roommate who wrote the Superman feature film? Weird coincidence?

      Aaron: Yeah, my roommate Mike Dougherty, he and another friend of ours Dan Harris wrote Superman Returns so small world, yeah. They have a little part in the movie getting kicked out of a museum.

      TeenTelevision: What's it like at home with the roommates? Chaos?

      Aaron: It's actually pretty mellow. It's my brother and my buddy Mike and we've got two dogs at the house and a barbeque in the backyard. It's really laid back. Somebody's usually out of town doing something so it's pretty quiet.

      TeenTelevision: Is there a lot of Superman memorabilia around your house then?

      Aaron: Oh yeah. Comic books and posters.. all that stuff. I'm sittin' in the whole Superman world so it's kind of cool. Both my roommate and my brother were like "welcome to the superhero world" when I got the Jimmy part.

      TeenTelevision: That movie and 'Smallville' are very different though.

      Aaron: Oh yeah but the mythology is the same. You can draw from that.

      TeenTelevision: Jimmy is kind of an iconic character in the Superman films. How do you feel about playing him?

      Aaron: I think it's really exciting. It's one of those roles that people are interested in; a character that's been around and a lot of people have played him. It's kind of nerve-wracking to get into it but, at the same time, I feel like Ive got to do my thing, my interpretation of it and hope people will like it. A couple of people have said you know, you look the part; which is nice to hear. I hope everybody feels that way.

      TeenTelevision: So, Jimmy is finally a regular in the show now?

      Aaron: He's working in the Daily Planet and Im just glad they decided to bring him in.

      TeenTelevision: Did the 'Smallville' cast welcome you when you joined them?

      Aaron: Yeah. I worked with Alison Mack and Tom Welling the first day. I only did a couple of scenes that one day and they were both super friendly and the crew as well. They've got a real family atmosphere down there. They've been doing it long enough that everybody really knows each other and they were very welcoming.

      TeenTelevision: What's the backstory for Jimmy coming to the Daily Planet?

      Aaron: Basically, he's been hired as an intern there and his job now is like scanning pictures into the computer and things like that but he really wants to be a photographer but hasn't perfected his skills yet. Half of [what he shoots] is out of focus. He's also gonna be a love interest for Chloe. They met a couple of summers before and had a bit of a thing so now they are kind of reconnecting.

      TeenTelevision: In the Superman films, Jimmy is always younger than Clark and Lois.

      Aaron: I think we're all peers now. That's the way it's playing. It's a very cute little introduction for the character but I can't talk about it.

      TeenTelevision: So you don't call Clark "Mr. Kent" then?

      Aaron: No. I call him C.K. actually. I don't know how much he likes that but it's what he's been labeled.

      TeenTelevision: Are you personally a pretty good photographer?

      Aaron: I thought I might be okay at it at some point but no, I was never very good.

      TeenTelevision: After childhood, when you and Shawn were doing commercials and acting, did you ever decide to give it up?

      Aaron: I had applied and was accepted to a film program in Toronto and I was going to go then a couple of acting jobs came up and I thought I should take advantage of this while it's here because school would always be there but I'm glad I did.

      TeenTelevision: Have you found it pretty easy in the acting business?

      Aaron: There are ups and downs. Sometimes you're flyin' and busy and sometimes you're not. You'e got to have other things that you enjoy doing outside of it to keep yourself happy so you're not putting all your eggs in one basket. I know a lot of people that, when they're not working, they're not happy so I think you've got to find other stuff to do.

      TeenTelevision: What do you do then outside of acting?

      Aaron: I try to keep my mind occupied, reading and I play guitar but I just spend time with my friends. That's the luxury of doing what we do. You have a lot of time off to travel too. This year I went to Hong Kong and Vietnam for fourteen days. I had a friend going to school in Hong Kong so I stayed with her there and that wasn't tough but it got a little rougher when we got to Vietnam.

      TeenTelevision: What kind of music do you take on a trip?

      Aaron: Right now I'm really into this band called The Drive-By Truckers. I just heard a song and looked it up on the internet and I'm not a big country guy but they've kind of got a bit of country twang and it's really good. It keeps you going, keeps you awake and singing the songs so it's great on a trip.

      TeenTelevision: How do your parents feel about the acting?

      Aaron: They really supportive. They're happy that we're doing what we're doing. They've never been into acting themselves so just the twins, Shawn and I.

      TeenTelevision: Since your brother has done a lot of green screen work for X-Men, do you talk to him about that kind of thing?

      Aaron: I do. I'd never done any. It looks like fun. He's a great person to go to for advice on that subject. He does it all the time so if I do some of those kinds of scenes, I'll be asking him.

      TeenTelevision: Do you have any embarrassing moment memories you can share?

      Aaron: When I went to accept my diploma when I graduated high school, I definitely did a trip on the way up so that was one of those things where I wished I could take that back. But nobody noticed.

Lynn Barker / TeenTelevision.com