Smallville's Jimmy Olsen

      Aaron Ashmore will play Jimmy Olsen in the sixth season of Smallville, executive producer Al Gough confirmed for The Continuum.

      "We are very excited to have Aaron joining the show as Jimmy Olsen," Gough told The Continuum on Tuesday night. "We had been big fans of his work on Veronica Mars and think he'll be a great addition to the cast.

      "Also, I think it will be great that our perennial third wheel Chloe Sullivan will finally get some romantic action with a non krypto-freak!"

      Ashmore, 26, recently played Troy Vandegraff in UPN's Veronica Mars, from which the image on the right is taken.

      Ashmore is the twin brother of Shawn Ashmore, who played Iceman in the last two X-Men movies and also played the power-absoring Eric Summers in two episodes of Smallville.

Rob Allstetter / Comics Continuum