Aaron Ashmore is the new Jimmy Olsen

      Aaron Ashmore, best known for locking lips with Veronica Mars in the show's early days, has been cast as young Jimmy Olsen in TVs 'Smallville', according to the king of everything knobs and dials, Mike Ausiello.

      Jimmy will apparently be a love interest for young Chloe (Allison Mack), entering her life - or I'm thinking, he's the same Jimmy that apparently took Chloe's virginity in an earlier episode, referred to only by name? - in the season premiere "Zod". He's apparently an importunate little charmer that nags the cub reporter into a date.

      'Veronica Mars' fans will remember Aaron for his role as the blonde spunkrat's ex-boyfriend, Troy, in the first season (he recently returned for an episode). Ironically, Ashmore also tested for the role of Jimmy Olsen - the role that ultimately went to scene stealing Sam Huntington - in 'Superman Returns'. You lose some, ya win some, hey? (and Justin Whalin was probably waiting by the phone).

      Speaking of everything Kent, Executive producer Alfred Gough says he's hoping that we'll get to see 'Aquaman' - the series that wasn't picked up, sadly - one day, telling WizardUniverse - via KryptonSite - that he may even tie it in with 'Smallville' next season. Somehow.

      'We're working on a way to get the pilot out there. That's sort of all I can say at the moment. Whether it's some sort of addition on season six of 'Smallville' or not- we're really proud of the pilot. We'd love for the fans to get a chance to see it. The implication when a network doesn't pick up a show is that the pilot sucks and that's not the case. It's not a perfect pilot by any stretch of the imagination. There are other reasons - which are a mystery to us - as to why The CW didn't pick it up. I think it definitely puts Aquaman in a modern context and he's not lame. It's a shame because it would have been a really fun series."

Clint Morris / Moviehole.net