TV Movie Tells Story of Gay Teen Who Took Boyfriend To Prom

      O'REGAN: He made headlines two years ago when he fought his school board for the right to bring his boyfriend to the prom. Now Marc Hall's battle is making the leap to the small screen in "Prom Queen". And Marc joins us this morning along with Aaron Ashmore who you just see there [video excerpt] as the actor who portrays him in the movie. Dave Foley there, playing the principal, I guess, as well -- from "Kids in the Hall".

Great to have you both here.

      ASHMORE: Thank you very much.

      O'REGAN: Welcome back.

      HALL: Thanks.

      O'REGAN: The first thing Bev said was, "My goodness, he's grown a foot!"

      HALL: [laughs]

      O'REGAN: It's been a while.

      HALL: Yes.

      O'REGAN: And here they're making a TV movie about you. It's almost a cliche: Who would you want to play you in a TV movie of your life?

      HALL: [laughs]

      O'REGAN: There he is.

      HALL: Aaron does a great job.

      O'REGAN: Now, you've seen the movie?

      HALL: Yeah.

      O'REGAN: How is it, anyway?

      HALL: I think it was excellent. I think they did a really good job portraying the whole thing.

      O'REGAN: It's a tough thing to portray, though. You know, there's a lot that was going on with you internally, I imagine.

      HALL: Mm-hm. Oh, for sure. It was very stressful. And having so many interviews and schedules and the court case and everything, it was harsh.

      O'REGAN: Did you have approval of any sort? How much of an input did you have into this project? Or the decision to even do it?

      HALL: They had a few interviews with me, just to get the whole story from my point of view, and everything. And then they made the script and everything. And then they got me to read it to see how much of it was what I liked. You know what I mean? And I loved the whole thing.

      O'REGAN: Aaron, tell me about your participation in this. Did you chat at all? Some actors don't like to talk to the person that they portray. They don't want to be too close.

      ASHMORE: Yeah, I would have liked to, but -- I mean, I had obviously heard a lot about the story and there was so much information and stuff on the Internet about it --

      O'REGAN: Being Canadian.

      ASHMORE: Yeah, of course. So it was fresh in my mind when I heard that they were making a movie and stuff. I knew exactly what they were talking about. And I would have loved to get a chance to meet Marc and really figure out what he wanted and stuff. But the script was really great. And I think also there was some fear that I would be doing an impersonation as opposed to just bringing what I could bring to it and how great the script was. I think that was enough. But, yeah, I was a little nervous as to what Marc was going to think about, you know, somebody just portraying his life.

      O'REGAN: I just have to get this out of the way, because for those people who are looking at you, Aaron, going "I know the face!"

      ASHMORE: Yeah.

      O'REGAN: Your twin brother was in "X-Men". Shawn.

      ASHMORE: Yes, he did. He played Iceman in "X-Men".

      O'REGAN: Yeah. And he's doing okay?

      ASHMORE: He's doing very well, yeah. He's working hard.

      O'REGAN: There he is right there. [video excerpt] No question, you're twins.

      Marc, I'm looking at The Globe and Mail today and, boy, this is still so topical. Apparently, Tapestry Pictures, who's the production company, they were broken into, their offices. And there's been all sorts of talk about this before it's even aired. Also talk about this film on the Internet, people saying it's anti- Catholic, that it takes shots at Catholics. And this office was vandalized, nothing stolen. How does it make you feel? It's still a big issue.

      HALL: Actually, me and Aaron were talking about it earlier. And one of the things that he thought it meant it was kind of like with everything you're going to do, there's always negative backlash. You know what I mean? So, although that happened, you know, --

      ASHMORE: I think there'll be extremes, right? I think there will be a really good, positive feedback for this as well. You know? I mean, that's what happens when you're working with controversial issues and stuff. I guess that's to be expected. It's unfortunate, but it's to be expected.

     O'REGAN: Yeah, absolutely.

      Okay. Well, thank you both very much for coming in. Much appreciated. You're off to the University of Waterloo, right?

      HALL: Yeah. In September.

      O'REGAN: Good for you.

      HALL: Thank you.

      O'REGAN: Thanks very much for coming in.

      "Prom Queen" airs right here on CTV next Tuesday. Check your local listings.

Seamus O'Regan / Canada AM Transcript