Have I Got A Boy For You!

      SHAWN AND AARON ASHMORE, 23 Who's that boy and boy? YM-ready Shawn, based in Toronto, is best known as teenage mutant Ice-Man from the X-Men movies. His twin brother, Aaron, is also an actor.

      Why? Because together these four twins would make quite the boxed set! Because as Ice-Man Shawn had Anna Paquin as a love interest, so he knows a thing or two about Hollywood starlets!

      Ideal date: A double date to Canada's Wonderland where most of the rides are built for four. This, followed by milkshakes and talk about the challenges of being a twin in the acting world at Queen Street's Shanghai Cowgirl where, naturally, they have booths built for four!

Shinan Govani and Susan Chong / National Post