Alexis-Nicole's Encounter

Alexis-Nicole's Story

      So me and my friends who are in the picture were on a school trip to see the play Wicked downtown Toronto, which might I say was amazing. Before the play, we were at the Etons centre shopping and one of my friends saw a pair of earrings that a lady had accidentally gotten stuck to her shirt and my friend started to try and catch up with her to tell her. Once we reached the lady and told her about the earrings one of my other friends recognized Shawn and Aaron as they walked by. She then came running up to the rest of our group to tell us and we all saw that it definitely was them. We started to follow them as they went into the Apple/Mac store and they were looking at lap tops. A few of the people who worked there also recognized them and we were all freaking out and trying to get up the courage to go and ask them for a picture. Eventually my courageous friend who had gone up to the woman with the earrings stuck to her went up to the two boys and asked them for a picture. When we started taking pictures with them other people started to notice that they were in the store and a few more people got pictures with them before they took off. For the rest of the day I kept thinking back to what had happened and would just blurt out, "WE MET SHAWN AND AARON ASHMORE!" and would just go crazy. It was a pretty amazing day.