December 2008 News/Updates

"Palo Alto" on DVD December 13, 2008

A month since the last update does not a good webmaster make. Yes, I know (in semi-Yoda speak and everything). Screencaptures from Smallville's "Abyss" and "Bride" are a ork in progress. However, I currently have a bigger project which includes attempting to remove the 2,000+ spam accounts from the forum. To be honest its taking longer then I've expected but I'm only one person so I suppose it makes sense.

Now onto the more exciting part of this update, which is that Palo Alto has finally gotten its release date. The DVD will release on February 17, 2009. It will be Rated: R and have a run time of 95 minutes. The film also seems to have gotten a title change, albeit a slight one, from Palo Alto to Palo Alto, CA.

Having had the pleasure of seeing this movie at the Tribeca Film Festival in spring last year, I would strongly recommend this film to anyone. It ranked as one of my Top Films of 2007, and while many might argue that I am biased, it doesn't change the fact that this film was entertaining and had heart. You can currently pre-order your copy at

Moving on, I've been getting some e-mails and reading some comments lately about the lack of content in the media section of the site. Many people have expressed their interests in me posting some scenes and what not from films and tv shows that Aaron has been in. I'm quite possibly Aaron's biggest cheerleader and I very much enjoy him as an actor and find him quite talented. If I didn't believe this, this site would not exist. Its as simple as that. And while I want everyone to go out and see everything that he's done I really don't foresee myself posting clips on this site. Why? Simple. It comes down to copyright issues and the bottom line is I don't want to get sued. I know it sounds silly since fan sites do it all the time, but I'm a firm believer in covering your own butt and I don't want to push any buttons.

However, for anyone searching for clips, you can find many of them on YouTube just by searching "ashmore" - I would suggest using this search as you'll get more results as Aaron is occasionally mislabeled as Shawn and vice versa. And while I do occasionally go off on crusades trying to get people to fix their tags, it doesn't always happen. ;)

The May Updates have been moved into the archive and the December changes will be completed shortly including updating Palo Alto's information in the side bar.

Posted by Kelly @ 7:06 AM - December 13, 2008