December 2006 News/Updates
Magazine Scans December 26, 2006

Hope that everyone out there had a good holiday season! Amung other things, that will possibly be included in a future update, I finally got my own scanner which means that I was able to put up some Aaron related scans in the gallery. There are now nine full page scans from issue #17 of Smallville Magazine in the gallery.

More to come so stay tuned!

Posted by Kelly @ 10:31 PM - December 26, 2006


On Stands Now December 22, 2006

Just a heads up to everyone that the new issue of Smallville Magazine has hit the stands. There isn't a whole lot of Aaron in this issue, but I did manage to update both the press and quotes section with some new material. With Smallville currently on hiatus we're currently a bit slow with new material, however as soon as we get wind of anything you'll all be the first to know. :)

Just another reminder as well that we do accept fan submitted material (icons, wallpapers, personal encounters, articles, pictures, etc.) and attribute proper credit as well. Currently we are attempting to track down Aaron's episodes of 1-800-Missing and his episode of Twice in a Lifetime. If anyone can point us in the right direction (preferably in DVD format, but any video file or even VHS will work as well we're really not that picky. ;)) please E-Mail us with the info. Thanks! :)

Posted by Kelly @ 3:08 AM - December 22, 2006


Screencaps Galore! December 16, 2006

Again, another instance of the actual content on the site being updated without the main page being updated. Sorry for the delay folks. I was out of town for a few days with a combination of a bit of a work overload from the holidays.

Added over 200 screencaps to the gallery from Subterranean, as well as a few screencaps from Married To It courtesy of Erica. (Thanks again Erica! :))

The monthly updates have been completed as well, featuring a new quote and picture of the month in addition to the updates from Augut and September being moved to the archives.

In other Aaron news, filming for Privileged begins in a few weeks. Smallville is currently on hiatus until January 11 when it will return with new episode "Hydro" featuring Aaron.

Posted by Kelly @ 2:40 PM - December 16, 2006