October 2008 News/Updates
Screecaps: Part II October 26, 2008

Since sleep is quite obviously for the weak, I've added over 250 screencaps from Smallville's "Committed to the gallery. Maybe its the lighting, or because I'm tired, or maybe its just since its that time of year, but do some of the caps from this make anyone else think of Saw? Maybe it is just me. :-X

Be sure to tune in to Smallville this week to see Aaron in "Identity"

Posted by Kelly @ 6:33 AM - October 26, 2008


"Instinct" Screencaps October 26, 2008

I'm in the process of catching up from being, well, quite ridiculously behind in screencaps. In the meantime, you can check out an interview with Aaron by Geekscape during Screamfest over at YouTube. (woo that was a lot of bold print there, wasn't it?). This was brought to our attention by all the lovely people over at ashmoreWANK. So, once again, thanks guys! I do miss things every now and then, so it is great to have some extra eyes out there. :)

Over 170 screencaps from Smallville's "Instinct" have been added to the gallery. Bringing the grand total of images to over 12,000.

Posted by Kelly @ 3:05 AM - October 26, 2008


Christmas Cottage Promos October 19, 2008

There is a new interview with Aaron up at The CW Source, it is apparently a part one of two so expect more to come. :) Screencaps will eventually follow as well.

Two new hi-res production stills from Thomas Kinkade's The Christmas Cottage have been released and been added to the gallery. There is also apparently new clips from the movie on the Official Site that feature Aaron. However, the site sort of hates on Safari for whatever reason so I have not been able to view them.

Thomas Kinkade's The Christmas Cottage releases on DVD November 11, and The Stone Angel releases on DVD October 21.

Posted by Kelly @ 3:28 AM - October 19, 2008


Updates Galore! October 15, 2008

I'm not entirely sure where I should start here since I've added a lot to the site tonight. I guess, for starters, I should mention that the "monthly changeover" with a new quote and former updates being moved to the archive has been completed.

Both Aaron and Shawn were in attendance at the 8th Annual Screamfest Horror Film Festival earlier this week. As of right now I've added 3 images from this event to the gallery, but I'm in the process of obtaining a few more as well. I also came across a couple of older, but unposted, pictures of Aaron from the 2007 TIFF - "King of California" After Party which have also been added to the gallery.

Speaking of the gallery, I'm slowly working on recovering the Jimmy on Jimmy screencaps from the Smallville Season 7 DVD. I did however manage to upload over 50 screencaps from "Odyssey" to the gallery. As well as a few promotional stills from the upcoming Smallville episode, "Identity".

Finally, an article about The Thaw from ShockTillYouDrop.com has been added to the press section, as always you can read by following the link. The Thaw is tentatively scheduled to release in Spring 2009.

Just a reminder that The Stone Angel will be available on DVD this upcoming Tuesday, October 21.

Posted by Kelly @ 5:18 AM - October 15, 2008


Happy Birthday! October 7, 2008

Aaron-Ashmore.com would like to wish a very happy 29th birthday to both Aaron and Shawn! Have a great one guys! :)

In other news I somehow managed to delete a bunch of the Jimmy on Jimmy screencaps from both the gallery and my hard drive. I'm working on recapping them as well as getting the caps of from the season 8 premiere.

Be sure to tune in to Smallville on October 9, as Jimmy will be in the new episode, "Instinct".

Posted by Kelly @ 3:05 PM - October 7, 2008