October 2007 News/Updates
Screencaps and Privileged News October 25, 2007

Over 250 screencaps from "Cure" were added to the gallery last night. I know that it's a little slower then usual but I should be back on a computer of my own within the next few days. Be sure to turn in to the CW tonight as well to catch Aaron in tonight's episode of Smallville, "Action".

In other Smallville related news, Laura Vandervoort has also signed on as a guest for Creation's GRAND SLAM XVI: THE SCI-FI SUMMIT. Tickets are currently on sale.

The staff of Aaron-Ashmore.com would like to give, Privileged director Jonah Salander a huge thank you for contacting us with information about the film. Privileged, is in fact as IMDB reports, in post-production and should be releasing in late 2007 / early 2008. Stay posted for more updates as we receive them, this sounds like it's definitely a movie to watch for in the upcoming year.

Posted by Kelly @ 1:55 PM - October 26, 2007


Meet Aaron October 19, 2007

Would you like to meet Aaron Ashmore? Silly question, especially considering where you are reading it but what can I say it's attention grabbing. ;) Well here's your opportunity.

This just in:

Aaron will be appearing at Creation Entertainment's GRAND SLAM XVI: THE SCI-FI SUMMIT. The even takes place from April 11 - 13, 2008 in Burbank, CA. Currently both Gold Weekend Packages and photo op tickets are on sale. Don't get in too much of a panic when you see the prices listed, Preferred Weekend Packages as well as single day admissions will also be available in the future.

Aaron will be appearing along with Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy and Heroes baddie Zachary Quinto. There will be more guests announced over the upcoming months as well.

Posted by Kelly @ 4:16 PM - October 19, 2007


Fierce Screencaps October 13, 2007

Just a quick update. Over 190 screencaps from "Fierce" have been added to the gallery. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 5:41 PM - October 13, 2007


Possible Hiatus October 12, 2007

I hope that everyone tuned in to and enjoyed last night's episode of Smallville, "Fierce". As you have probably noticed, I do not have the screencaps up like I normally do. This is because my computer has officially kicked the bucket. I'm trying my best to use some of my friend's and relatives computers in the mean time so that this site does continue to be updated and we can avoid a hiatus. Thankfully, most of the material for this site is backed up so it shouldn't cause much of a problem... just know that updates might not be as fast as I would like until probably December. Sorry folks. :(

A big thank you to Donna for pointing out that The CW Source is now posting their blog interviews on YouTube. Aaron is currently featured in two interviews. So be sure to check it out until I am able to archive and screencap the video here. :)

Aaron will be appearing in next week's episode of Smallville, "Cure" so be sure to tune in.

Be sure to check this space in the near future for information on Privileged and it's release as well!

Posted by Kelly @ 5:18 PM - October 12, 2007


Happy Birthday Aaron! October 7, 2007

The staff of Aaron-Ashmore.com would like to wish Aaron a very happy 28th birthday and a wonderful upcoming year!

Best wishes to Shawn as well!

Posted by Kelly @ 11:35 AM - October 7, 2007


Release Post-Poned October 5, 2007

It's official. The release of The Christmas Cottage (a.k.a. Home For Christmas), has been pushed to 2008. For more details regarding this decision, please refer to the Forum. While no date has been "officially" released yet, from what I've heard Lionsgate is attempting to retain near the same date, only moving it a year, which would make the release date November 21, 2008, the same opening weekend of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I sincerely hope that this is just a rumor, because otherwise it is a very bad idea and I'm not sure what Lionsgate is thinking. I'm rambling. But yeah, anyway, it looks like we're waiting a year folks, sorry! :(

In other news, Aaron will be appearing in next weeks episode of Smallville, "Fierce" (which also guest stars ANTM winner Eva Pigford) so be sure to tune in!

Posted by Kelly @ 11:22 AM - October 5, 2007


Pictures and articles and news oh my! October 1, 2007

Happy October ladies and gents! We're slowly getting back into the swing of things here at Aaron-Ashmore.com since we threw a new look on the site, so within the next few days expect the site to be reflecting our "monthly changeovers. So there should be a new quote and actual project buttons coming sometime relatively soon.

There will be an interview with Aaron in the Season 6 Smallville Companion, releasing on March 11, 2008. While it's still quite a bit away, you can pre-order the book from Amazon.com. Thank you very much to Donna for the information!

A new article, naming both Aaron and Shawn as two of Toronto's most desireable men, has been placed in the press section. Also, some more pictures from TIFF have surfaced and been placed in the gallery. Thanks to Lemming for a few of the shots!

I've also added an old -- but new to you! -- headshot of Aaron's to the gallery. I apologize for the quality being a bit small, as I don't own a hard copy to scan since I lost out on an eBay bidding war. While I completely adore Aaron, and love working on this site and being able to share current and up to date news and images with the rest of Aaron's fans... I was not paying $40 for a picture. I draw the line there. Sorry. :-X

Posted by Kelly @ 1:40 PM - October 1, 2007