October 2006 News/Updates

New Palo Alto Images October 27, 2006

So there seems to be a bit of mixed information as to whether or not Aaron is going to be in Thursday's epiosode of Smallville, "Fallout". Some sources list him as having a guest appearance and others don't. Once we find a definite answer we'll be posting it here. :)

Just added 10 new images of Aaron filming Palo Alto to the gallery as well so feel free to check them out. :)

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Article October 26, 2006

Hey everyone. Just popping in again with another quick update. Added another article from The Fresno Bee to the press section.

According to the blog on the Palo Alto site, as well as some press linked from the site. The film is still in post-production as the filmmakers are trying to get it ready in order to submit to the 2007 Sundance Film Festival this January. Good luck guys! Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

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Appearance October 23, 2006

Aaron, as well as Shawn, will be attending the 2006 Bell Celebrity Gala in Toronto on November 1. You can purchase tickets on the website. Individual tickets are priced at $750, and there are options to purchase tables for 10 as well. Proceeds from the 2006 Bell Celebrity Gala go to the SickKids Foundation. If you are unable to attend, you can still make a donation to the cause.

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More Press Additions October 20, 2006

According to IMDB, The Stone Angel is currently in post-production. While there's still no set release date, it -- along with Palo Alto is scheduled for a 2007 release.

Added a few more interviews and articles to the Press Section as well. One is a bit centric on Smallville co-star Erica Durance but features some snippets with Aaron as well.

Aaron's next scheduled appearance on Smallville is the November 2nd episode, "Fallout". Remember to keep watching. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 12:44 PM - October 20, 2006


New Interview October 17, 2006

Still no scans yet as I don't have a scanner and need to wait til I can leech off of someone else's, but I did manage to type up Aaron's interview with Smallville Magazine and put in in the Press section. There was also a brief snippet from exectuvie producers Miles Millar and Al Gough about casting Aaron as Jimmy Olsen so I included that as well.

Remember to stay tuned for more updates and keep watching Smallville on Thursday nights on the CW! :)

Posted by Kelly @ 8:31 PM - October 17, 2006


Wither & More October 14, 2006

Just finished uploading over 250 screencaps from Thursday's episode of Smallville, "Wither" to the gallery. According to Kryptonsite Aaron's next episode will be "Fallout", airing November 2, 2006.

Also added two pictures of Aaron with Jared Padelecki from The CW Launch Party as well as another promo from Smallville.

Aaron is also currently featured in the new issue of Smallville Magazine. Issue #17 not only features him on the cover, but contains an interview with him as well as some mini-posters inside. We'll be posting some scans and transcribe the interview shortly but in the meantime be sure to pick up your copy. :)

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Happy Birthday Aaron! October 7, 2006

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Monthly Duties October 2, 2006

Happy October ladies and gentlemen. With the coming of the new month, we just finished up our little bit of upkeep over here, changing out the picture and the quote of the month. Changed the project sidebar as well, adding The Stone Angel. Finally got a bit of character information regarding Aaron's part as well. He plays Matt Currie, the older brother of main character Hagar.

Added some hi-res pictures from the CW Launch Party to the gallery as well as a few more Smallville Promos (mainly "Zod" centric) to the gallery.

Posted by Kelly @ 12:51 AM - October 2, 2006