September 2008 News/Updates
Smallville Premieres Tonight! September 18, 2008

Tonight marks the season premiere of Smallville on the CW so be sure to tune in, set your DVRs and all of that good stuff! With the new season just a few hours away, interviews have been popping up the past few days in both print (yet another new interview can be found in the press section) and video. You can view BuddyTV's interview with Aaron, where he answers some fan submitted questions here, and view TVGuide's new Smallville promo, complete with some cast interviews, here.

There are also over 200 screencaps in the gallery from the Jimmy on Jimmy featurette from the new Smallville DVD. They've actually been posted for a few days now but the main page update never went through for some reason. I guess its what I get for trying to rush a post before work. ;)

Posted by Kelly @ 12:35 PM - September 18, 2008


Interview, Season 7 DVD September 12, 2008

I just posted a new interview with Aaron from over in the press section of the site. It's mostly about season 8 of Smallville so all spoilerphobes can consider yourselves warned before clicking on the article.

Speaking of Smallville, The Complete 7th Season is now available on DVD. In addition to several other bonus features, the sixth disc also has a featurette entitled Jimmy on Jimmy, which features the four actors to play Jimmy Olsen exchanging various stories and what have you. All bias aside, it really is quite enjoyable and is nearly a half hour long so if you haven't purchased the DVD yet I would strongly recommend it. Screencaps, as always will follow, I just haven't had time to complete them yet (as you can tell by the time stamp on this update I really should be heading to sleep sometime in the near future)

I have also finally - emphasis on finally... as if the bold wasn't enough of an indication - managed to get ahold of Aaron's episode of Twice in a Lifetime, "Grandma's Shoes", as well as an episode of Blue Murder that he was featured in. However, for some reason my computer does not really like these discs so I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to cap them. Its a work in progress.

Posted by Kelly @ 3:44 AM - September 12, 2008


New Month, New Content September 1, 2008

September has finally rolled around - Happy Labour Day to everyone from the US and Canada - and with that of course comes the monthly updates to the site. I've changed the quote as well as moved all of the updates from February 2008 off the main page and to the Archive.

Smallville The Complete 7th Season will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 9, 2008. The Season 8 premiere, "Odyssey" will air on The CW on September 18, 2008 so be sure to tune in.

I've added a few scans to the gallery in the autograph section as well as a misc. scan from Movie Entertainment magazine, that not only has a blurb about Aaron and Shawn, but about as well. We're like... famous, or something. ;)

More updates to come. Hopefully more 1-800-Missing screencaps to come shortly, however they might be a little out of order as my room is messy and I can't find disc 3. Oops. :-X

Posted by Kelly @ 3:07 PM - September 1, 2008