September 2007 News/Updates
Opening Credits September 28, 2007

Yesterday marked the season seven premiere of Smallville, and while Aaron wasn't featured in the episode "Bizarro", he did make his first appearance in the opening credits.So, while we did report this a few months back, it is now official, Aaron is a series regular. :) You can view the screencaps in our gallery, which now has over 8,000 images!

Posted by Kelly @ 8:41 PM - September 28, 2007


Name Change September 27, 2007

So, according to the folks at IMDB, The Christmas Cottage has undergone yet another name change and will now be released under the title Home for Christmas. Which... sort of reminds me of that Jonathan Taylor Thomas movie where he wore a santa suit. Not that I saw it but you know I think it had a title close to that. Personally, I like The Christmas Cottage, but I don't work for LionsGate so you know not much I can do. I currently can't access the source link provided at IMDB with the information regarding the name change due to nearly every website under the sun being blocked on the computer that I'm currently using.

IMDB also lists Aaron as appearing in tonight's episode of Smallville, "Bizarro". While no one I've checked with has actually been able to confirm this, be sure to tune in as it should be an interesting season premiere and there should be some pleasant surprises as far as the opening credits go.

Posted by Kelly @ 12:37 PM - September 27, 2007


Even More The Stone Angel screenings September 26, 2007

The Stone Angel is currently an official selection of the Vanouver International Film Festival. Tickets are currently on sale, so if you will be in the area be sure to get yours today! The screening times are as follows.

Friday, Sep 28th 7:00pm
Visa Screening Room @ Empire Granville Th7

Saturday, Sep 29th 1:00pm
Visa Screening Room @ Empire Granville Th7

Tuesday, Oct 9th 7:15pm
Empire Granville 7 Theatre 6

Posted by Kelly @ 2:19 PM - September 26, 2007


The Stone Angel screening September 19, 2007

When I said I'd be updating again soon I didn't mean this quick but hey there you have it. ;) It has just been released that The Stone Angel is an official selection and in competition at The Tokyo International Film Festival. Screening information is as follows.

Tuesday, October 23
10:20 PM
TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills

Posted by Kelly @ 7:47 PM - September 19, 2007


Smallville Season Six on DVD!! September 19, 2007

So, the day has arrived... well, technically yesterday, but it's official Smallville Season Six is available on DVD in regular, HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray formats! So you have your choice of options.

I would have posted about this yesterday, however, I was unable to get my copy until today. I went to two different stores yesterday where, by 6:00 PM, this was actually sold out. Which was good for Smallville but not so great for me ;). However, you can now see over 100 screencaps in the gallery, including a deleted scene from "Wither", a deleted scene from "Hydro" and screencaps from the DVD Menus itself. Some scans from the DVD will be posted shortly as well. Fandom seems to be a little torn at the moment on wether Aaron is or is not scheduled to appear in the season seven premiere, "Bizarro", if I hear a definitive word I'll be sure to post it.

According to The Official Palo Alto Site, some more public screenings after the Austin Film Festival are in the works. Please check out their site for more information, and remember you can now comment on their blog.

Lionsgate has launched the Official Christmas cottage Website. Currently, there really isn't any content, but you can imagine that since the movie comes out on November 30 there should be more going live soon. On a semi related note... I was at a horribly long and boring meeting out of state all day yesterday (hence my late in the day search for Smallville). Anyway, towards the end of it they hand us these booklets with information for movies that we should be "looking out for" to promote and what have you in our theatres, and inside the booklet was a little picture and write up for The Christmas Cottage, so I might scan that later as well.

Posted by Kelly @ 5:17 PM - September 19, 2007


Major Updates September 14, 2007

Hello, world! So, I know I've gotten some e-mails over the past few days that there are new pictures/articles/etc. up and that the site hasn't been updated. Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everyone that did contact me to notify us. The reason why things haven't been updated as quickly as they normally are, is because I was out of town and while I did have my laptop with me, the connection at the place I was staying was neither fast nor strong enough to handle updates to the site so I do apologize and am currently playing catch up. So lets start with some non TIFF news.

Palo Alto will be playing at the Austin Film Festival this October. While tickets aren't on sale yet, you can bookmark the site and view more information here. All bias aside, Palo Alto is by far one of my favorite films that I have seen this year, so if you are in the area or planning to be, I would strongly recommend seeing this one. Screening information is as follows -

Friday, October 12
9:15 PM
Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek

Currently, over 10 pictures have been added to the gallery from various events at the Toronto International Film Festival. Don't worry, more are on their way but for right now, it's a start. The press section has been updated as well with a few articles from the festival. Expect more to appear within the next few days as well, seeing as Wednesday marked the world premiere screening of The Stone Angel. I'm probably forgetting something at the moment, but that it was editing is for. So if it comes to me I will be sure to update. So sit back, enjoy, and don't forget to pick up your copy of Smallville Season Six on DVD this Tuesday! (Aaron is featured in at least one deleted scene that we know of in the bonus content).

Posted by Kelly @ 10:38 AM - September 14, 2007