September 2006 News/Updates

Smallville Screencaps September 29, 2006

Hope that everyone caught Aaron on the Smallville season premiere last night, he makes a great Jimmy. Can't wait to see more of him. I just finished uploading over 140 screencaps from "Zod" to the gallery as well as a few more Promo pictures as well, including one of Aaron with Allison Mack.

As far as I know, Aaron is not scheduled to appear in next weeks episode of Smallville (although I could be wrong about it). His next definite episode will be "Wither" airing October 12 at 8PM EST. So keep watching! :)

Posted by Kelly @ 8:52 PM - September 29, 2006


My Brother's Keeper out on DVD September 27, 2006

My Brother's Keeper was released on DVD yesterday, so if you haven't seen it, it should now be available for purchase at a store near you. I would definiatly have to recommend it, it's a really good film. :) Speaking of My Brother's Keeper, I just updated the Press Section with a new small, but interesting none the less, interview with Aaron where he talks about Smallville as well as My Brother's Keeper.

Posted by Kelly @ 11:08 PM - September 27, 2006


Brief Update September 25, 2006

Still working on perfecting the sound quality for the videos. I know I promised them sooner but, I'm trying to improve the quality of them so you guys have something clear to view so forgive me for the slowlness. :) Added The Stone Angel to the filmography page as well as a few minor emphasis on minor updates to the Aaron section of the site.

Added a few more Palo Alto stills into the gallery as well. Hopefully some more news/character information on both Palo Alto and The Stone Angel to come. As well as some more Smallville promo pictures that are all kinds of great really. (Including one of Jimmy and Chloe) So keep checking in. I'll be updating the VCR Watch on the Forum sometime today as well. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 2:09 PM - September 25, 2006


Interviews September 21, 2006

Slowly but surely I've figured out most of the programs on the new laptop. What does that mean to all of you? Well for starters expect more video interviews/trailers/behind-the-scenes footage/etc. to be popping up on the site sometime very soon. In the meantime, I can leave you with the following. :)

Aaron was interviewed by TV Guide Online at the CW Launch Party you can view said interview by clicking here until we have it archived on the site. Aaron is also briefly (as in about two seconds) featured in the Official CW Network Launch Party Video as well.

Due to our new video capabilities we were finally able to get screencaps from Kristin's EOnline Interview with Aaron from back in July as well as from the new TVGuide Online Interview. Both of which can be found by clicking on the links or entering the gallery. Added a few more pictures from the CW Launch Party as well.

The sixth season premeire of Smallville, "Zod" will be airing one week from today. So don't forget to tune in.

Posted by Kelly @ 10:39 AM - September 21, 2006


Pictures & MBK News September 19, 2006

Some more pictures from The CW Launch Party were added to the gallery. A few more have surfaced as well and we'll be posting them as soon as we're able to get them untagged.

Remember, if you live in the United States, My Brother's Keeper will be available for purchase a week from today. Reviews for the DVD are piling in as well. At this point I'm not sure if we're going to post reviews in the press section or not (it's something I need to talk over with the rest of the team). I will, however, leave you with the following quotes from the review at

"What works for the story is the leading actor Aaron Ashmore. Ashmore does a terrific job handling his roles as both the party-going, carefree brother and the self-conscious, rule-following brother. The two roles are very different and he is able to project their personalities and characters as two distinct individuals without making it feel fake. . .

. . . Overall, My Brother's Keeper fairs well. The story, while it has a few limitations, is a compelling tale that is furthered by a great performance from its leading actor Aaron Ashmore. I believe this drama is a solid production that is worth looking into."

Posted by Kelly @ 9:07 AM - September 19, 2006


CW Launch Party September 18, 2006

Lea is the queen of finding the most recent pictures as soon as they come out, I swear. :)

Just added six new images from Aaron at the CW Launch Party in the gallery. More updates to come as we get them. Only a few more days to go til the season premiere of Smallville as well, so stay tuned.

Posted by Kelly @ 11:34 PM - September 18, 2006


More on "The Stone Angel" September 16, 2006

Just added another Smallville promotional photo (one I like to call the badly photoshopped picture of doom!) to the gallery. Big thank you to Hayden for sending us the picture. Remember, fan submitted/created content is always appreciated and encouraged. We'll try to post everything as soon as we receive it. :)

Just a little more info on The Stone Angel as well. We don't have much information about the character Aaron is playing yet, but the movie also stars Kevin Zegers (Transamerica, Dawn of the Dead), Ellen Page (X3, Hard Candy) and Cole Hauser (Paparazzi, Pitch Black).

The Stone Angel is based on a book, by the same name, by Margaret Laurence. For more details on plot, follow the link or check out the news section on the forum.

Posted by Kelly @ 10:18 AM - September 16, 2006


New Movie September 14, 2006

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn't get this update out sooner, I'm currently at the Toronto International Film Festival so I haven't been checking my E-Mail/Google Alerts/Daily Searches, etc. as regularily as I normally do. Just letting everyone know that Aaron is currently in Winnipeg working on a movie called The Stone Angel. You can click on the link for some more casting information and what have you from IMDB. More updates to come shortly.

Also posted another Smallville promo shot in the gallery.

Posted by Kelly @ 5:57 PM - September 14, 2006


'Smallville' Promo September 8, 2006

Another really small update but definiatly one worth mentioning. The CW just released some new Smallville promo pictures for season six -- general shots, not specific to a single episode -- including one of Aaron as Jimmy. You can view in the Smallville Promos section of the gallery.

Posted by Kelly @ 6:57 PM - September 8, 2006


Palo Alto Images September 7, 2006

Added 11 new production images from Palo Alto into the gallery. With principal photography having wrapped on the movie it might be one of the last photo updates for a while. According to the official Palo Alto Blog, the film is now in the editing process.

Added yet another article about Aaron's role on Smallville to the Press section as well.

Posted by Kelly @ 7:56 PM - September 7, 2006


Quick Update September 1 2006

Hey folks, me again.

Just another quick update. Moved the May updates into the Archive section. Also posted a small blurb relating to the possible return of Troy on Veronica Mars (from the mouth of series creator Rob Thomas himself) to the Press section.

Posted by Kelly @ 1:18 AM - September 1, 2006


5,000 Images September 1 2006

With the addition of nine new "Zod" Promotional Stills the Gallery has now reached a total of 5,000 images with over 500 registered users. The new stills are really all kinds of awesome and the season premiere is only a few weeks away. :)

Sadly enough the Aaron is not featured in the Season 2 DVD set of Veronica Mars bonus features. But the set is jam packed with deleted scenes from various episodes and a bunch of other goodies so if you haven't picked it up already it's definiatly worth it.

Keep checking back within the next few days as we'll be posting new Palo Alto related updates shortly. In the meantime, you can now join the Palo Alto Facebook group by searching "Palo Alto the Movie". The site also has an official MySpace which you can join by clicking on the image below -

Also changed out the Picture of the Month. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 12:25 AM - September 1, 2006