August 2012 News/Updates
Even more "XIII: The Series" screencaps August 9. 2012

Hey there everyone! Just one quick update before the end of the night. :) I just added over 200 screencaps of Aaron to the gallery from the XIII: The Series episode "The Key"

Just a reminder if you're in the Atlanta area or have plans to be Labor Day Weekend you can meet Aaron at Dragon*Con! You can also pre-order a professional photo op with Aaron or a Warehouse 13 group shot by clicking below!

Posted by Kelly @ 11:59 PM - August 9, 2012

New 'Warehouse 13' promos August 8. 2012

I spy double Jimmy Olsens.

Sam Huntington is guest starring on Warehouse 13 this Monday. I added four new Warehouse 13 promotional images to the gallery.

Aaron and Sam have previously worked together on Veronica Mars.

Be sure to catch them both on Warehouse 13 this Monday on SyFy!

Posted by Kelly @ 8:48 PM - August 8, 2012

More XIII: The Series screencaps August 8. 2012

Hi everyone! I hope you all tuned in and enjoyed Monday's all new episode of Warehouse 13! We'll hopefully have some caps up shortly but in the meantime I added over 200 screencaps to the gallery from the XIII: The Series episode "The Bank Job"

And don't forget to watch Aaron in Warehouse 13, Monday nights on SyFy!

Posted by Kelly @ 1:02 AM - August 8, 2012

"Old West" screencaps August 4. 2012

Okay, last (at least big) update of the night. Nearly 100 screencaps have been added to the gallery from the short film Old West.

If you haven't seen Old West yet the short is available on YouTube and you can also watch it below:

Be sure to check out the YouTube version to view it in HD!

Posted by Kelly @ 11:20 PM - August 4, 2012

New appearance scheduled August 4. 2012

This just in:

Aaron will be appearing at The 2012 Montreal Comiccon. The even takes place from September 14 - 16, 2012 in Montreal, Quebec. Currently VIP packages, full weekend and one-day admission tickets are currently on-sale with photo op tickets to follow shortly.

Aaron will be appearing along with Star Trek's Patrick Stewart and William Shatner as well as Warehouse 13 co-star Eddie McClintock and Smallville co-star Laura Vandervoort. More guest and schedule announcements to come so check out their website!

Posted by Kelly @ 2:26 PM - August 4, 2012

New images and site maintenance August 4. 2012

More general tweaking to the site and fixing some formatting glitches here and there. I moved some more updates over to to the archive as well as re-organized some of the gallery so that it now includes a Twitter category with over 20 images so far.

Also finished working on the filmography page and added several promotional images to the gallery as well including several images from Season 3 and Season 4 of Warehouse 13.

More updates to come so stay tuned!

Posted by Kelly @ 12:01 PM - August 4, 2012

'XIII: The Series' Screencaps and site maintenance August 2, 2012

Slowly but surely getting some screencaps up there. Right now I'm working on XII: The Series and just added over 200 screencaps of Aaron's first appearance in the season one episode "Costa Verde"

Beyond that I've done some updates to the filmography page and moved some older updates into the archive as well.

Posted by Kelly @ 10:37 PM - August 2, 2012

'The Listener' Screencaps August 2. 2012

Just a quick update this morning. I added just under 150 screencaps from Aaron's episode of The Listener ("Jericho") to the gallery so be sure to check them out! :) More updates to come.

Posted by Kelly @ 8:19 AM - August 2, 2012