August 2006 News/Updates

Music Video August 23 2006

Finally got all of our current affiliates listed on the Affiliates page, so welcome to all of our current affiliates. A special welcome to Aaron Stanford Online as one of our top affiliates as well.

Aaron is not featured in the Gag Reel of Veronica Mars Season 2 as we believed he would be. Still no word on whether or not there are any deleted scenes from The Rapes of Graff. So far I only have the first disc via Netflix (can't buy my set for a few more weeks) so if anyone who owns the set could let us know if there are deleted scenes that would be great. :)

A new Music Video has been added to the Fan Section courtesy of d-flo Productions. It's a video based on Prom Queen so if you get the chance, check it out.

Remember you can submit any news/content by E-Mail and we'll be sure to get it up as soon as possible. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 3:09 PM - August 23, 2006


Smallville Promo August 21 2006

A few updates to the gallery including new images in the Palo Alto, Veronica Mars Promo, and Smallville Screencaps galleries.

The WB is currently playing a new CW TV spot for the new season of Smallville, containing a few clips from the season premiere, "Zod" including one with Aaron as Jimmy. You can view/download the promo in the Media section of this site. The quality isn't the greatest, but I will be replacing it with a higher quality one once I get my video capture capabilities back when I get my new laptop.

Veronica Mars Season 2 is being released on DVD tomorrow. Amung the bonus features on the set is an 8 Minute Gag Reel from the first and the second season. No word if Aaron is featured in any of the bonus material, or if there are any deleted scenes from The Rapes of Graff but it seems likely.

Posted by Kelly @ 12:03 PM - August 21, 2006


Palo Alto August 10 2006

Added six more production stills from Palo Alto to the Gallery.

Also posted a brand new interview with Aaron from

Expect some more updates, particularily in the fan content section within the next few days. Remember if you have anything that you would like to submit please feel free to E-Mail us. And we'll try to get it up as soon as possible. We post the latest news/images as soon as we get them folks, so stay tuned. :)br>

Posted by Kelly @ 10:41 AM - August 10, 2006


Interviews Keep Rolling In August 9, 2006

Added two more interviews with Aaron regarding his role on Smallville in the getting-larger-by-the-minute Press section of the site.

Added a few more production stills from Palo Alto to the gallery as well. Make sure to check out the Official Palo Alto Site as well, since the update almost daily.

My Brother's Keeper has been picked up for major DVD distrubtion in the US and Canada and will be coming soon to a store near you for purchase and/or rental on September 26. You can pre-order your copy directly from Anchor Bay Entertainment today.

I was lucky enough over the past weekend to meet Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, who had some great things to say about Aaron. The encounter is of course, listed in our Forum

Posted by Kelly @ 9:44 PM - August 9, 2006


Jimmy Olsen Promo Pic August 3, 2006

The first official promo pic of Aaron as Jimmy Olsen is now available for viewing in gallery. Also added an older picture of Aaron and Shawn to the Misc. gallery.

Posted yet another new interview (they just keep rolling in don't they? :)) to our ever growing Press section.

Also welcome to new affiliate sites Kyle Gallner Fan and Aaron Stanford Online. Who will be receiving proper button adds in time.

Posted by Kelly @ 8:42 PM - August 3, 2006


Press, Press, And More Press! August 1, 2006

Hi everyone! Kelly here again. First off, let me just say, my hat is off to the rest of the team because they did an excellent job giving the site a much needed face-lift.

I added about seven articles/interviews in the Press section ranging from Treed Murray press to this past week. One is a bit Shawn-centric, but I included it since there's quite a bit of Aaron mention in it as well. Remember some of the interviews might be older but they're new to the site so don't be shy and check them out! :) Also made some slight updates to the Quotes and Facts pages as well.

Welcome to our new affiliate Ryan Hansen Online who will be receiving a graphic add within a few days or so as well. :) Plot information on Palo Alto is available at our Forum. But you can always find the most up to date information, as well as a pretty cool production blog, by checking out

Posted by Kelly @ 5:25 PM - August 1, 2006