July 2012 News/Updates
Hiatus is over! July 31. 2012

Hey there Aaron fans. After a year long hiatus I'm happy to say that Aaron-Ashmore.com is back up and running. Expect a lot of changes and updates to come over the next several weeks and updates on a more regular basis. Despite a major overhaul being in the works I've made the decision to keep the site open during this process as it has been way too long without updates so you will get them as they trinkle in. Please be aware that as we are staying open during these changes you might encounter minor glitches on certain pages. These are to be expected and will be corrected as we work on our update. :) In the meantime I have added over 70 screencaps to the gallery from Aaron's appearance on Private Practice.

As well as nearly 200 screencaps of Aaron from his and Shawn's appearance on Fringe.

Once again, thank you for your patience regarding this site as some real life issues have prevented me from working much (or at all) on it recently. And just in case you're not already doing so be sure to follow Aaron himself at @AaronRAshmore on Twitter!

Posted by Kelly @ 9:46 PM - July 31, 2012