July 2010 News/Updates
100s of images from Fear Island July 17, 2010

Now that the gallery has finally been taken care of, I've been able to move on to a few more things as far as updates go. :)

Some promotional images from Fear Island have been added to the gallery along with over 850 screencaps from the movie.

Please remember as always screencaps do contain spoilers.

Posted by Kelly @ 11:41 PM -July 17, 2010


Gallery Re-Launch! July 17, 2010

As promised the gallery at Aaron-Ashmore.com has officially been re-launched and will hopefully be a bit more spa proof from here on out. The downside to this is that this is a completely new gallery so you will need to re-register as your old log-in info won't work. The gallery is a newer model as well so it is a bit spiffier. All of the old images have transferred over - say for a few deleted scenes/DVD menus from Smallville and Veronica Mars that I need to post. Please note that you might find some pictures in the wrong albums. If this is the case please e-mail me and I will make the correction as quickly as possible.

To kick off the gallery re-launch I've added over 200 pictures to the gallery from the In Plain Sight episode, "Her Days Are Numbered". Enjoy!

Posted by Kelly @ 2:45 PM -July 17, 2010


"The Shrine" Official Trailer July 13, 2010

Shock Till You Drop has exclusively released the first full trailer for The Shrine. The video should be up on YouTube as well by the end of the day, but in the meantime, enjoy -

Shock Till You Drop has also confirmed that Aaron will be in attendance at theFantasia Film Festival screening along with co-writer/director Jon Knautz.

Posted by Kelly @ 9:29 AM -July 13, 2010


"The Shrine" to Screen at Fantasia Film Festival July 8, 2010

First, I would like to mention to anyone that doesn't follow the Aaron Ashmore Facebook Fan Page, I am aware that the gallery is currently down. I inadvertently broke it when I was trying to fix the spam problem and general lagging. I'm working on the relaunch as I have everything backed up, but keep in mind it's a lot of pictures. Hopefully it will be fully restored shortly. Moving on to more exciting and important things!

The Shrine is set to have it's first screening in just a few weeks at Fantasia 2010 (Please note that the site is in French so you might need a translator).

The Shrine
July 25, 2010 at 7:15 PM
Montreal, QC

Actor/co-producer Trevor Matthews will be in attendance as will co-writer/director Jon Knautz so be sure to bring your questions!

Posted by Kelly @ 7:50 AM -July 8, 2010