July 2007 News/Updates
Screencaps and Forum News July 27, 2007

So, after about a good five hours of work the Forum is now completely free of spam posts and accounts. Not only that but we have a few new members and discussion is back to being alive and kicking. So don't hesitate and sign up today. If after a day or two your account isn't active please shoot us an e-mail and it'll be fixed ASAP. It's just part of our attempt to make sure that the board does stay spambot free.

Speaking of the Forum, new member Lemming shared nearly 40 screencaps from 1-800-Missing's "Sisterhood". You can of course view them in the gallery as always. :)

Also, if anyone knows where we could obtain some copies of Aaron's episodes of 1-800-Missing and Twice in a Lifetime please let us know. We've been trying to track them down for a while now, and while I believe these shows still re-air in Canada, they don't in the US so any help would be appreciated. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 2:21 PM - July 30, 2007


Updates all around July 27, 2007

Ok, so while The Stone Angel is slated to premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival, the schedule for this particular film (as well as many others) will not be officially announced until August 21. Sorry for any confusion regarding the matter and be sure to look at the site within the next few weeks for more information. We're eagerly awaiting the information as well since all three of us here at Aaron-Ashmore.com are going on vacation to Toronto and we're hoping this screens while we're there. :)

The fan section, as well as the gallery have been updated with a new encounter (I really should come up with a better word to use because encounters just makes me think of aliens... but moving on), so thank you Alexis-Nicole for your story and picture! Again, I always say it but it never hurts. Remember to send us your stories/pictures/news etc. since we do accept fan submitted content so e-mail away!.

I also corrected a mistake or two on the site being, I forgot to upload the interview with Aaron and Allison Mack from the June issue of Smallville Magazine. The article has now been posted and you can read it in our press section. Scans to follow soon.

The FAQ section has been updated as well so you might want to swing by and hopefully some of your questions will be answered. :) Smallville Season 7 is currently in production in Vancouver and is scheduled to start airing September 27. However, as far as I know, Jimmy Olsen won't appear until the third episode of the season, airing sometime in October. I believe that's all for now, more updates soon. Peace!

Posted by Kelly @ 3:06 PM - July 27, 2007


Announcement July 17, 2007

Ok, for the record... yes, I suck. I am well aware of that. I haven't updated in forever, and it's totally my fault. Sorry Aaron fans! I'm getting the ball back to rolling around here starting this very instant. News has been a bit on the slow side this past month, aside from Aaron's cover and interview in Smallville Magazine there hasn't been that much to report. Until now, that is.

According to IMDB, The Stone Angel will have it's world premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival in September.

The official schedule and line up for TIFF will be announced this Monday. Check back for more details.

Posted by Kelly @ 8:00 PM - July 17, 2007