July 2006 News/Updates

New Layout! July 31, 2006

Hi guys! :D After weeks of slaving over psp and html coding, the other half of the staff has shown up and given the site a complete makeover. We hope you enjoy it!

Welcome to our new affiliate KristenKreukWeb.com! They, as well as Michael-Muhney.net, have finally been added to our affiliates page.

Also we have got confirmation that Aaron is in fact starring in a new a movie called Palo Alto. You can find out more information on it by visiting Paloaltothemovie.com. Some Production Stills have been added to the gallery.

Remember to check out the forum! Outside of being a great place to chat with your fellow fans; you can often find the latest Aaron updates there before they appear on the site.

Posted by Lea and Sasha @ 9:15 AM - July 31, 2006


Quick update July 19, 2006

Again I apologize for the lack of updates, especially with the surge of Aaron news going around as of late. I'm still experiencing some technical difficulties here. I did however manage to sneak on to a decent computer to upload some new articles, seven to be exact to the Press section of the site, regarding Aaron's role as Jimmy Olsen.

Kryptonsite is currently featuring an exclusive interview with Aaron. He talks about his work on Smallville and Veronica Mars. So be sure to check it out, it's well worth the read.

Added some amazing high quality pictures in the gallery from The CW 2006 Summer TCA Party.

The rest of the team is currently working on a major site overhaul while I work on trying to get a functional laptop so keep checking back for more updates. We'll try our best to pump them out as they come. Again, I apologize for the technical problems.

Posted by Kelly @ 12:07 PM - July 19, 2006


Exciting News! July 13, 2006

Hey everyone! I am happy to confirm the rumors circulating around the internet are indeed true for once. Aaron has in fact been cast as Jimmy Olsen for the upcoming Sixth Season of Smallville on the brand new CW. This is exciting news for both Aaron and Smallville fans alike. Congrats Aaron! We all know that you're going to do an amazing job.
The first episode of Smallville, "Zod", is scheduled to air (tentatively) Thursday, September, 21. Filming is slated to begin sometime this week.

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, as previously mentioned on the Forum I have been encountering some personal issues as well as recently having my laptop die out on me (which resulted in me losing everything on my harddrive) so I lost just everything that I had been planning to update the site with. I have however, managed to temporarily hijack a computer from family to post this exciting news until the final part arrives in the mail to fix my own coomputer. In other site related news, we also have a new affiliate, Michael-Muhney.net which will receive a more proper welcome once we're up in running order. Also expect a layout change in the somewhat near future. :D

Don't forget, you can always stop by, say hi, and chat with other fans day and night at the Aaron-Ashmore.com Forum

Posted by Kelly @ 12:11 AM - July 13, 2006