June 2010 News/Updates
"Death Becomes Her" Screencaps June 16, 2010

Over 60 screencaps from In Plain Sight's, "Death Becomes Her" have been added to the gallery.

Dont't forget to tune into USA for In Plain Sight tonight!

Posted by Kelly @ 10:00 AM -June 16, 2010


In Plain Sight June 15, 2010

Bad News: I still haven't figured out the bug with the comments in the gallery.
Good News: I did start screencapping Aaron's episodes of In Plain Sight and added nearly 100 screencaps from "Son of Mann" into the gallery.

Be sure to check out Aaron in tomorrow's episode of In Plain Sight, "The Born Identity"!

Posted by Kelly @ 10:32 PM -June 15, 2010


Site Update June 10, 2010

I started this site over four years ago because I was a fan of Aaron. I saw him in Treed Murray and was pretty much drawn in instantly by how he had such presence while playing a character with very little spoken words throughout the film. I wanted immediately to know more about him and to see more of his work but was disappointed in the lack of material that was on the internet at that time. A few years and much debate later, Aaron-Ashmore.com was born. I am still a fan of Aaron, and I want nothing more than to share anything I can with other fans out there and support his career. The site isn't going anywhere, this isn't about that.

I wasn't initially going to say anything here but truthfully, I'm a little tired of e-mails/comments/Facebook messages etc. from people asking if I even care anymore or why I'm slacking. I don't like to think of my dedication as being in question. The site has never been a job to me. It's completely fan run and it's something that I enjoy doing. That being said, no, I haven't been putting time into it lately. The reason being that I recently lost a member of my immediate family, and this site has honestly been far from my thoughts during this time. I'm not writing this for sympathy. This isn't my blog. This site isn't supposed to be about me, it's about Aaron. So yes, I know that screencaps haven't been going up recently. I'm aware of the issues with spam in the Gallery as well as in the Forum. It isn't a issue of time. Some updates can be time consuming, and I am working by myself here, but for the most part once I get rolling I can handle it. That isn't an issue at all. My focus has been on other places lately, as it rightfully should be while we slowly try to piece our family back together and I would very much appreciate it if you could all respect that. I know this site is the definitive source for Aaron on the internet but please try to remember that there isn't a team of people working day in and day out on this. There is one girl behind the website who at the moment is struggling to get through the day and could really do without snide remarks about her work ethic or dedication.

I'm done rambling now. I promise.

Now for putting up with me enjoy a picture of Aaron from the 2010 Leo Awards, where he was nominated (but sadly, didn't win) for his performance in The Thaw.

Aaron's filmography, the project bar and quote of the month. Have all been updated as well. Screencaps from Private Practice and In Plain Sight, as well as some promotional stills from the latter, are also in the works.

Posted by Kelly @ 3:46 PM -June 10, 2010