June 2008 News/Updates
"Looking For Mr. Wright" screencaps June 26, 2008

As promised, I've added more screencaps from 1-800-Missing. There are now over 130 screencaps from the episode, "Looking For Mr. Wright" in the gallery.

Check back in soon for more screencaps, news on The Thaw, and DVD info on The Stone Angel.

Posted by Kelly @ 3:14 PM - June 26, 2008


"Off the Grid" screencaps June 24, 2008

Slow but sure they're coming! Over 50 screencaps from 1-800-Missing's "Off the Grid" have been added to the gallery. Keep checking back as more screencaps will be posted over the next few days.

Posted by Kelly @ 1:29 PM - June 24, 2008


1-800-Missing June 23, 2008

I just uncovered some early promotional art for The Thaw. According to this, the movie will be releasing sometime in spring 2009, however, please keep in mind that all release dates are subject to change. I've also added another small article about The Thaw to the press section, not a whole lot of anything different then we already know but it gives a little more of the plot. You can read it by clicking here.

I've finally gotten hold of Season 3 of 1-800-Missing, and have started screencapping the series. Let me just say that I never actually got to see this show when it originally aired, and previous to getting season 3, the only full episode I had seen was dubbed in French -- which I don't speak -- so I really didn't follow. Truth be told I didn't have the highest expectations since it was on Lifetime and I can be a little judgmental .... however let me just say that if you haven't seen this show? This scene alone, is made of win. Really. Hopefully I'll be able to get some video up sometime soon. Anyway, there are now over 150 screencaps from Aaron's first 1-800-Missing episode, "Unnatural Disaster" in the gallery, so enjoy!

Posted by Kelly @ 1:47 PM - June 23, 2008


News June 19, 2008

As of Monday, production has officially kicked off on The Thaw in Vancouver. You can read a new article about the production in the press section.

In other film news, according to the Official Palo Alto Site, reshoots have been completed and a distribution deal is in the works. As soon as any official dates and information is released you'll be able to read it here. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 1:44 AM - June 19, 2008


New Movie June 13, 2008

Firstly let me just say Happy Friday the 13th, boys and girls! Now that's said and done let me move on to some more news. According to The Hollywood Reporter Aaron has been cast in a new movie The Thaw, in which he will be appearing alongside Val Kilmer.

Anagram Pictures is producing the thriller about an Arctic research team attacked by a killer parasite released by melting polar ice caps. Ashmore will play a college student in the besieged crew.

For more details, please see the full article in the press section.

Posted by Kelly @ 6:51 PM - June 13, 2008


Promo Pictures June 11, 2008

Hey everyone. I finally got a new laptop, it's shiny and fast and wonderful and I really just kind of want to hug it because I'm sad like that. With a new laptop would normally come some great new things for the site however it did slow me down a bit. I've always been a PC user and I'm now on my first Mac. This basically resulted in me being locked out of my own site for a few days due to trying to figure out some settings on here. It also took a bit of effort to figure out the text editor on here to make any kind of update. Random fact, but the only program used for any of the coding on this site is "Notepad", so everything is essentially just written from scratch without any program. So here I am yelling, "I DO NOT WANT YOUR PAGE BUILDER, SAMMY!" for a few days. I'm better now I swear.

So a while back I actually added quite a few more promotional images from "Sleeper" to the gallery. They're actually in a pretty nice resolution size too, so they're very much worth the look.

Posted by Kelly @ 7:35 PM - June 11, 2008


Monthly Update June 1, 2008

Hey there everyone! Believe it or not I actually got the "monthly changeover" done on time for once. I feel accomplished. Speaking of accomplishments, for all of you fans that are on Facebook, I just launched a Fan Page for Aaron. You can join by following the link once you're logged in to show your support. There isn't a whole lot up at the moment, but hopefully within a few days it'll be looking snazzy.

In other news, this site might be going on a slight hiatus within the upcoming weeks. I am going to be moving out of state for work so it might take a while for me to get situated and get a laptop. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 4:56 PM - June 1, 2008