June 2006 News/Updates

West Wing Screencaps June 23, 2006

Short but sweet update. I just finished uploading about 25 screencaps of Aaron on The West Wing in "King Corn".

I'm working on getting up some more fan related content, i.e. icons, wallpapers, etc. as well however I lack talent so it's coming along slowly. ;) Remember feel free to e-mail me or Lea for any contribution to the site. :D

Posted by Kelly @ 07:19 PM - June 23, 2006


Veronica Mars Screencaps June 23, 2006
Finally got around to uploading the rest of the Veronica Mars screencaps. For anyone that's been lurking around the gallery you might have noticed that about half of them went up yesterday. However, yesterday was my 21st birthday so I wasn't around to finish. :) They have all been updated this morning though.

Over 100 screencaps have been added to the galleries for Credit Where Credit's Due, Meet John Smith, The Wrath of Con, and You Think You Know Somebody

Posted by Kelly @ 11:39 AM - June 23, 2006


Ever growing gallery June 21, 2005
Just a quick update but an update none the less. Added 66 screencaps to the Crime in Connecticut: The Story of Alex Kelly gallery. They aren't the best quality in the world (ripped off of VHS) but hey, it's something. :) I should be receiving The West Wing Season 6 by tomorrow so expect caps shortly.

Also, happy first official day of summer to everyone in the northern hemisphere! :)

Posted by Kelly @ 11:07 AM - June 21, 2006


Back With a Vengeance ;) June 19, 2006
The problem with going on a vacation, especially when it lasts over a week, is when you come back your job has you work about twice as hard for a few weeks as some form of punishment I swear. Needles to say, sorry for the lack of updates.

Aaron attended the MuchMusic Video Awards earlier tonight with Shawn. Just updated the photo gallery with six new pictures from the 2006 MuchMusic Video Awards - Gift Lounge so check those out if you can. More screencaps from Veronica Mars as well as The West Wing are a work in progress.

For anybody that has Comcast Digital Cable, Prom Queen is now availble to watch OnDemmand any time you like. It's featured on the Logo Network in their Movies section. (Please feel free to check your local listings as well to see if it is OnDemmand in your area :)). The Safety of Objects has also been playing pretty heavily on Encore Love this past week as well. :)

There are now 250 people registered to our photo gallery as well as 14 members at the Forum with over 90 posts. Just wanna give a big shout out to all the new members to the site! :)

Posted by Kelly @ 12:18 AM - June 19, 2006