May 2006 News/Updates

Hiatus May 30, 2006
I feel sort of guilty for doing this since the site hasn't been open for that long but it will be on a temporary hiatus as I go on vacation for roughly the next 10 days. There might be some updates here or there depending on if I can get an internet connection or not. It's doubtful as we're roadtripping it to the Poconos and I doubt I'll be able to find a high speed connection in the mountains but you never know. I'll be bringing some of my DVDs along with me so that during some down time I have I'll work on getting some more trailers and such up in media. There might also be some updates to the gallery by the co-maintainers of the site as well so keep your eyes open and play nice on the forums.

Aaron is currently in L.A. auditioning. While there is a definite internet buzz about him reprising his role as Troy Vandegraff on Veronica Mars next season it still falls under the category of rumor. There is no official plan as of yet. However you could all you Troy fans could write to the writing staff of Veronica Mars and the people at the CW saying how you would like to see him return. ;)

Posted by Kelly @ 6:37 AM - May 30, 2006


Fan Encounter May 15, 2006
Posted our first official Fan Encounter over in the Fan section. I'm on a roll today and currently in the process of capping/uploading some stuff from the Veronica Mars DVD. So keep checking the gallery within the next hour or so for more updates. :D And a big thanks to Aviva for sharing her story with us.

Posted by Kelly @ 7:32 PM - May 15, 2006


4,000+ Images Now In The Gallery May 15, 2006
Anyone else notice that most of the updates to this site happen around 4:00, either AM or PM? Interesting. Anyway on to the update. Added some screencaps from Run the Wild Fields into the gallery, which brings the images in the gallery to over the 4,000 mark. The trailer for My Brother's Keeper is now available for download in the Media section. I've also changed out the Picture of the Month and the Current Quote. More updates to come, keep stopping by! :)

Posted by Kelly @ 4:22 PM - May 15, 2006


New Layout May 13, 2006
Added about 70 screencaps or so from A Separate Peace to the gallery. Changed the layout around a bit, still not totally happy with it but I think it's a vast improvement. Added some more content to the "WWW" section of the site.

If you want to recieve updates whenever the site is updated please feel free to join our Yahoo! Group. Also this wouldn't be an update without me pimping the Forum again. If you haven't already registered swing on by and join in on the discussion! :D

Posted by Kelly @ 2:24 AM - May 13, 2006