April 2006 News/Updates

Forum Open! April 30, 2006
The Aaaron-Ashmore.com Forum is now open and ready for business so register today and join in on the discussion! :D

Also new updates to the gallery with over 180 screencaps from Veronica Mars, "The Rapes of Graff" and a few more promo pics as well.

Posted by Kelly @ 4:06 PM - April 30, 2006


One Day, Two Updates April 27, 2006
I feel like Samara from The Ring. The whole, "She never sleeps" part anyway, not the whole crawling out of a TV and killing people part. O:) But it's all good really, since it means more updates for the masses.

I added some wallpapers to the fan section that were submitted to me today. Also posted another Prom Queen related interview, as well as made a few more small additions to the gallery (including a great headshot of Aaron). Enjoy. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 8:29 PM - April 27, 2006


New Screencaps April 27, 2006
I finally got around to capping My Husband's Double Life and The Safety of Objects, adding 540 more pictures to the gallery. Expect a new layout sometime in the near future as this one is sort of crappy and Lea is working on some new graphics. The forum is getting nearer and nearer to being open as well so keep your eyes peeled so you can be amungst the first to register. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 4:30 AM - April 27, 2006


Gallery Open April 22, 2006
After over a week of fighting trying to get the gallery to work, it is now up and running. There are currently over 2,000 images uploaded and even more to come over the next few days. Enjoy! :)

Posted by Kelly @ 4:52 PM - April 22, 2006


Opening April 13, 2006
So this is mostly me testing to see if this blogger is going to work, which I've got my fingers crossed for it but it's also to I guess introduce the opening of this site. Note how I didn't use the word grand. Mostly because there isn't a lot of content at the moment. I'm still working on getting the gallery functional and playing around with the overall look of the site, but it is out there on the world wide web so I suppose it could be seen by anyone at any given moment. :)

So welcome to Aaron-Ashmore.com! Hopefully you'll be hearing again from me shortly. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 4:32 AM - April 13, 2006