February 2008 News/Updates

"Hero" Promos February 24, 2008

The CW has just released several more promotional images from the new episode of Smallville "Hero", many of which feature Jimmy Olsen and have been added to the gallery. While promo pics tend to be by nature a bit on the spoiler side, these could be considered to be more "spoilery" (probably not even close to a real word... but it's 5:30 in the morning and I'm still up and tired) then normal.

Posted by Kelly @ 5:30 AM - February 24, 2008


Smallville Season Six Trading Cards February 17, 2008

I was lucky enough to stumble across a Behind the Scenes shot from the next new episode of Smallville, "Hero" and have added it to the gallery. It is a bit on the spoiler side if you haven't read any of the casting information or the full description of the episode. So I won't be posting a thumbnail in this entry either, but you have been warned. ;)

On Wednesday February 20, Inkworks will be releasing their Smallville Season Six Trading Cards. In addition to being featured on cards in the base set, there is also a special Autograph Card for Aaron and a Pieceworks Card, containing a swatch of the shirt worn by Aarn on-screen in "Wither".

Posted by Kelly @ 3:04 PM - February 17, 2008


Updates All Around February 15, 2008

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone! We've been pretty busy over here at Aaron-Ashmore.com the past few days. We did a little remodeling and added two new top affiliates to the site -- welcome Allison Mack Web and Joe-Anderson.net -- and added the link for the newly launched Official Site for The Stone Angel. In addition to The Stone Angel releasing in Canada on May 9, 2008 the site lists a couple of film festival screenings as well.

Female Eye Film Festival - Opening Film
March 27, 2008

Palm Beach Film Festival
April 10 - 17

Smallville: The Official Companion Season 6, written by Kryptonsite's own Craig Byrne is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com. Order your copy today or when it hits stores on March 11, 2008. And while we're on the matter of Smallville publications, I posted an article/interview from the January/February edition of Smallville Magazine in the press section (it's the last entry for 2007, since the magazine was released in December).

Smallville will not be airing next week, as the CW will be showing a special 2-hour Supernatural event. Expect Smallville to return on March 13 with a new episode, "Hero", and yes Aaron will be appearing. A big thanks to Kryptonsite yet again for providing a promotional picture of Jimmy and Kara from this episode.

With the Writer's Strike finally over, Smallville is set to go back into production sometime over the next month or so. While Season 7 won't have a full 22 episodes, 5 post-strike episodes are to be filmed, bringing this season to a total of 20.

Posted by Kelly @ 2:51 PM - February 15, 2008