February 2009 News/Updates

Palo Alto Screencaps February 26, 2009

First thing is first, I finally got the Project bar updated! Right now it's only showing on the main page as I'm heading out and Classic FTP kind of crashed on me, so you can expect the rest of the site to be updated tonight.

My copy of Palo Alto (which I refuse to refer to as Palo Alto, CA) finally came in the mail the other day - by the way, thanks Mr. Mailman for leaving it in a pile of snow instead of on the porch, I appreciate it, you are so lucky that Amazon.com box didn't have a book in it I swear - and I managed to screencap the film. Its definitely different from the screening at Tribeca, but its still a great movie and I recommend you check it out as soon as possible. Over 400 captures from the movie can be found in the gallery.

Posted by Kelly @ 3:17 PM - February 26, 2009


Updates Galore! February 21, 2009

For starters... Palo Alto, CA is now available to buy on Amazon.com!. You can also rent the film with Blockbuster or Netflix in addition to being OnDemand for anyone with Time Warner Cable. Screencaps and more details for the DVD will be posted as soon as my copy actually arrives in the mail. Weather hasn't been that great so it looks like Amazon is taking a little longer then usual to ship.

So this update is a bit screencap heavy since I haven't been around as of late and there isn't too much that I have to add on to it as I'm walking out the door but I wanted to make sure this all got posted before then. Over 200 screencaps from "Abyss" have finally been added to the gallery.

In addition over 150 images from "Bride" have been added as well.

Also courtesy of Andrea on LiveJournal.com as well as the production team for The Thaw several promotional images from Smallville Season 8 as well as from The Thaw have also been added to the gallery. As of this update we're actually closing in on 14,000 images. Crikey. And yes, I did just say crikey.

Speaking of The Thaw we previously posted a dead link to the Facebook community. You can find the actual Fan Page here. Be sure to join for the latest information/promotional stills/etc. regarding this film. Posted by Kelly @ 3:14 PM - February 21, 2009