March 2008 News/Updates

"Veritas" Screencaps March 29, 2008

So it took a little longer then I initially planned but you can now view over 150 screencaps from Thursday's episode of Smallville "Veritas" in the gallery. Smallville returns to the CW with a new episode, "Descent" on April 17, 2008.

In other Smallville news, be sure to check out Smallville: The Official Companion Season Six, in stores now. In addition to a ton of other information and goodies, the book contains an interview with Aaron, that I will not be posting on the site. Why? So you can run out and buy the book of course. :)

Creation's Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit is just around the corner and tickets are still available. However, we know that not everyone can attend the event. So if you have a question you would like to have answered by Aaron, we're here to help. We are currently gathering some questions up over at ashmoreWANK, and we'll try and see if we can ask some during the Q&A on Saturday. So join up today. It's free and all that jazz. Posted by Kelly @ 11:50 PM - March 29, 2008


The Stone Angel Trailer March 21, 2008

According to Kryptonisite, Aaron will be appearing in next week's episode of Smallville "Veritas". It should be a good one too as this was the tentative season finale during the strike.

Alliance Films has released the Official The Stone Angel Trailer which you can view here. While Aaron is not featured in the trailer, it is still worth the watch. The Stone Angel releases in theatres in Canada on May 9, 2008.

Posted by Kelly @ 1:50 PM - March 21, 2008


"Hero" Screencaps March 16, 2008

Over 200 screencaps from Thursday night's episode of Smallville, "Hero" have been added to the gallery.

Creation's Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit is less then a month away, get your tickets now! :)

Posted by Kelly @ 1:58 AM - March 16, 2008


New Old Pictures March 13, 2008

The Stone Angel will be screening at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto within the next few weeks. Filmmaker, Kari Skokgland will be honored and presenting the film as well as star Ellen Burstyn. So if you are in the Toronto area, check it out.

Female Eye Film Festival Opening Film
March 27, 2008
The Cumberland Cinema, Toronto 7:00 PM
For more information follow the link.

I also uncovered a old but new to you picture from the 2006 MuchMusic Video Awards of Aaron and Shawn together. You can find it, as always, in the gallery.

Also don't forget to tune in to Smallville tonight on The CW for a new episode, "Hero". :)

Posted by Kelly @ 2:13 PM - March 13, 2008


Future of Smallville March 11, 2008

Just in case there is anyone out there that hasn't heard the news, I thought that it might bare a little repeating.

Smallville will be returning on The CW for Season 8 in Fall 2008. In addition, Aaron Ashmore will once again be reprising his role as Jimmy Olsen.

A big thank you to Craig over at Kryptonsite for the information.

Our forum is once again spam account free. Feel free to join and meet fellow Aaron fans. I also finally got around to screencapping the video from The CW Source's Luthor Mansion Tour, you can find them in the gallery.

Posted by Kelly @ 4:26 AM - March 11, 2008


"Safe" March 6, 2008

With a new episode of Smallville right around the corner ("Hero" airs a week from today), the updates begin rolling in again. For starters, we've undergone our monthly changeovers here at, including moving the updates at the bottom of the page into the archive and changing the Quote of the Month. We have also added a new affiliate link to every page - welcome! Remember you can see Aaron starring along side Jared Padalecki in this winter's Home For Christmas.

We are now also just shy of one month away from the Second Anniversary of as well as Creation's Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit.

Big thanks once again to Donna for the following info. Aaron is currently featured in the teaser for the next episode of Smallville, you can view it by clicking here. The second half of Aaron and Jason's Smallville Set Tour is now up on The CW Source. Expect screencaps shortly.

Our media section is no longer as lacking, as we have now posted both the trailer and behind the scenes footage from the short film Safe. In addition, three publicity stills from Safe have been added to the gallery.

And last but not least, for all you people over at LiveJournal, the people that brought you Stanfordwank (or... one half rather, combined with another unrelated half but that is neither here nor there. Get it? Got it? Good. :-X) we are now pleased to announce the opening of Ashmorewank. Read. Join. Snark. Live. Or something along those lines.

Posted by Kelly @ 3:05 PM - March 06, 2008