February 2007 News/Updates
Freak Screencaps February 17, 2007

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that updates might be a little slow over the next week since I'm on vacation. The three of us will still be working on getting the most recent news/pictures/etc. out to all of you though so keep checking for updates as usual. :)

Just finished uploading over 150 screencaps from "Freak" to the gallery, which also brings the gallery to over 7,000 pictures. So if you're not registered yet, sign up and check them out. :)

As of right now I'm not sure when Aaron's next appearance on Smallville will be, but to my knowledge hw will not be in next week's episode. Again, this is not a definitive answer as of yet, we will update once we know for sure.

The staff of Aaron-Ashmore.com hasn't forgotten about the exciting news that we mentioned either. We will be posting details in the near future. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 1:42 PM - February 17, 2007


Trespass Screencaps February 11, 2007

Quick update again. Added over 150 screencaps from "Trespass" to the gallery.

Also just a reminder to everyone that Aaron will be appearing on Thursday's new episode of Smallville, "Freak" so be sure to tune in. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 4:57 PM - February 11, 2007


New Interview February 7, 2007

Hey everyone, just a really quick update. Wizard Universe posted a really good interview with Aaron today. He talks about Smallville, Veronica Mars, and his character in Privileged to name a few things. So if you get the chance, be sure to check it out, it's definiately worth the read. It, as well as dozens of other interviews, can be found in our press section. Here's a taste for everyone -

I have to admit that Iíve stolen one of your Jimmy lines in the office here. About a month back at the end of an episode, Jimmy goes up to Clark and puts out a fist saying, ďRing that bell!Ē Ever since, I canít stop doing it to [Wizard Price Guide Assistant David Paggi].

ASHMORE: [Laughs] Thatís a funny story because we were just doing a rehearsal and running through lines, and that wasnít in the script. I just put my fist out and said it. I thought, ďThatís so stupid. I donít know where that came from.Ē And Tom [Welling] started laughing and said, ďGod! You have to keep that in! Thatís perfect. Itís so Jimmy.Ē [Laughs] I thought it was way over the top, but Iím glad Tom wanted to keep it because when I watched it back I knew it fit the character well. So keep saying that. Spread it around, and people can catch on.

Posted by Kelly @ 9:21 PM - February 7, 2007


Crimson Screencaps February 7, 2007

Added nearly 200 screencaps from "Crimson" to the gallery. Also updated the press section as well with a new article talking about the future of Smallville.

While there is still no definitive release date, The Stone Angel will be released in theatres in Fall 2007. Also, keep watching as we're still working some of the final kinks out of our surprise for all the fans out there.

Aaron will be appearing in tomorrow night's episode of Smallville, "Trespass".

Posted by Kelly @ 1:46 PM - February 7, 2007


New Month... New Updates February 1, 2007

Just started some of the monthly changes on the site i.e. moving the November updates into the archive. We're currently working on changing the Picture of the Month and the quote as well. Aaron will be appearing on tonight's episode of Smallville, "Crimson" so be sure to tune in. Added a new article from TVGuide.com into the press section as well as adding some more material to quotes.

Brianne was also generous enough to donate a personal picture from the 21st Annual Gemini Awards of Aaron and Shawn to the gallery. We also came across a behind-the-scenes image from Privileged from Stephon Fuller.com. Priviliged is currently filming in the L.A. area.

Posted by Kelly @ 5:27 PM - February 1, 2007