January 2009 News/Updates

"The Thaw" Trailer January 8, 2009

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe this site has been around since early 2006? Crazy, it doesn't feel that long at all.

As always, the past updates have been moved into the archive with the start of the new month. The project bar will be updated within the next few days as well as the quote of the month.

In more exciting news, the trailer for The Thaw has been released! You can view it on YouTube (I would strongly recommend the "High Quality" version), as well as download it from our very own trailer archive in our media section.

If you have poked your head in the gallery the past few days you might have noticed some screencaptures from the trailer for The Thaw. These have since been removed as the original trailer that we had used as source material was in fact unfinished. Since then we have received the completed and official version of the trailer, courtesy of writer/director Mark A. Lewis and have uploaded much crisper images (with the exception of one cap that is not in the new version of the trailer but was pretty cool so we decided to include it anyway :-X)

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Posted by Kelly @ 2:14 AM - January 8, 2009