January 2007 News/Updates
Hydro Caps January 26, 2007

So I was finally able to get the rest of the "Hydro" caps finished. There aren't as many and they aren't as clear as we would normally post here, however, it is the best that a freezing program would allow. That being said I did still manage to upload 140 screencaps to the gallery.

And just a reminder to everyone that Aaron will be appearing in next weeks episode of Smallville, "Crimson" airing February 1st on the CW

Posted by Kelly @ 5:15 PM - January 26, 2007


TV Guide January 25, 2007

Not a massive update but an update none the less. I was able to get my hands on the new copy of TV Guide a little early so I typed up the profile on Aaron making it the first 2007 entry in the press section as well as posted a full page scan in the gallery. Still no "Hydro" caps, yet, but we are working on it.

Posted by Kelly @ 2:12 AM - January 25, 2007


Site Delays January 24, 2007

So it's been over a week since the last update. I feel like I'm making apologies a regular occurrence over here, however I do wish to say that I'm sorry. News has been a bit on the slow side and while I finally got my copy of The Pentagon Papers as well as "Hydro" all ready to screencap, the program that I use sort of crapped out on me. It took a few hours but I was able to squeeze close to 50 screencaps from The Pentagon Papers out of it though. So feel free to check them out.

The Smallville caps, however, are going to take some more time since we are still experiencing some technicaly difficulties. In the meantime, be sure to pick up the January 29th issue of TV Guide, featuring four different covers with the cast of Heroes. The issue contains some Smallville news as well as a profile and interview with Aaron. Image courtesy of Herosite.

Remember to keep watching Aaron-Ashmore.com as within the next few weeks we'll be making an announcement that'll be sure to excite all you fans out there. :)

Posted by Kelly @ 10:38 AM - January 24, 2007


Hi-Res VM Promos January 12, 2007

Hey everyone. Lea was lucky enough to come across some previously unseen hi-res promotional images from "The Rapes of Graff". You can view them in the gallery listed under promo pictures for Veronica Mars.

Sometime today or tomorrow we'll be updating the gallery once again with screencaps from the latest episode of Smallville, "Hydro". Despite reports from IMDB, Aaron's next scheduled appearance is in the February 1st episode, "Crimson" and not next weeks "Justice". Although... the Justice League on Smallville is still definiatly worth the watch.

Finally obtained a bit more information on Priviliged courtesy of GLAAD: CineQueer. They currently have a release date listed as December 1, 2007 however, that is subject to change. They also have the following synopsis listed:

A closeted gay teen (Julian Morris) tries to destroy the relationship between a girl and the boy (Aaron Ashmore) he secretly loves.

Posted by Kelly @ 3:20 AM - January 12, 2007


Happy New Year! January 3, 2007

Happy New Year! Hope everyone kicked off 2007 with a bang. :) We've been a bit busy over here at Aaron-Ashmore.com planning out some updates and ideas and what have you. Everyone should be in for a few surprises down the line.

Just finished the monthly changeovers with a new Picture of the Month and moving the updates from October into the archive. Added a couple of hi-res Smallville promos from "Hydro" to the gallery as well as a few more pictures from the Superman Returns DVD and Video Game Launch Party. Within the next few days we should be adding some screencaptures from The Pentagon Papers as well. I also updated the quotes section with a few snippets of Allison Mack's recent Comics Continuum interview where she talked about Aaron.

Just a reminder that Smallville returns from hiatus on January 11th with "Hydro". So don't forget to tune in. The official Palo Alto site has been updated as well so be sure to check it out.

Posted by Kelly @ 8:27 PM - January 3, 2007