"Shawn always gets cast as the nice guy, and I usually get the jock, the bad guy, or the jerk."

"We were I think normal high school kids. We liked to have fun, liked to party. But it was always, 'Do your school work first,' that sort of thing. We had all the same friends. We took all the same classes. We were always together."

"The way I see it, we're telling the story about a guy. You know, basically what he's doing is fighting for his rights. Just like a normal kid he just wants to go to the prom. So I didn't think there was any need to really play it gay... he happened to be gay and this happens to be his struggle."

""I like a bit of a challenge, and I like a bit of controversy."

"I love Canada, and I love Toronto. As long as I can work here, I will."

"There are ups and downs. Sometimes you’re flyin’ and busy and sometimes you’re not. You’ve got to have other things that you enjoy doing outside of it to keep yourself happy so you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. I know a lot of people that, when they’re not working, they’re not happy so I think you’ve got to find other stuff to do."

"I try to keep my mind occupied, reading and I play guitar but I just spend time with my friends. That’s the luxury of doing what we do. You have a lot of time off to travel too."

"I love that character, and I love the show. I'm a fan of it myself, so to get to go back and do a little bit was just a dream." [on "The Rapes of Graff"]

"People love to do the twin comparisons. But in the long run we play very differently. It won't be much of an issue."

"It is one of those shows I became a fan of. I started watching it because I was on it, so I was curious what it was like, but I turned into a real fan. When the DVDs came out, I hadn't seen them so I rented all of them and was just glued to the TV set for two days watching all the episodes. When the second season started, I was glued to that, too. That was one of those shows I didn't know how lucky I was to work on until I saw it. I would love to go back and work on it again, but who knows? I don't think it will happen, but I felt lucky to be a part of it." [on Veronica Mars]

"There is a certain energy about playing Jimmy Olsen that I really want to keep. At the same time, you don't want to be imitating someone's else's portrayal of the character."

"We started acting about the same time. But Shawn was much more serious about it before me. I was kind of doing it for fun. It took me longer to decide this was the career I want."

"Nobody's giving anything away in this town. I like that -- having to prove myself."

Quotes About Aaron

"I really think Aaron is an amazing actor and my best friend as well, so to get to work together would be amazing." -Shawn Ashmore

"When Aaron Ashmore walked through the door, from the first lines out of his mouth, we knew we had our Marc. It was just a matter of filling in the rest of the holes." - Prom Queen producer Mary Young Leckie

"We are very excited to have Aaron joining the show as Jimmy Olsen. We had been big fans of his work on Veronica Mars and think he'll be a great addition to the cast." -Smallville executive producer Al Gough

"As an actor, Aaron Ashmore has been such a great surprise because that is a role everybody knows. He made it his own and hit it out of the park." -Smallville writer Darren Swimmer

"I kind of adored him right away. I was really lucky, because my personal boyfriend is very similar to the character Jimmy Olsen is. The writers know my boyfriend and know that, so there were a lot of similarities that were written in to the character that kind of parallel my life. I always say, "My God, you remind me so much of my boyfriend" when I'm talking with Aaron. So there was an instant comfort/attraction kind of thing there. And then also Aaron's a very good-looking guy and he's so charming, it was kind of hard not to be captivated by him, in a way." -Allison Mack

"They gave me Jimmy Olsen, and Aaron Ashmore as my boyfriend has been so fabulous and I'm grateful to the writers for doing that, and to the producers for casting Aaron, because he's fantastic." -Allison Mack

"The addition of Aaron Ashmore to the cast has been one of our favorite parts of this season. He's been a terrific embodiment of the character." -Smallville executive prodcuer Al Gough